The Alarming Rate of Sexual Violence in Our Society

 The Alarming Rate of Sexual Violence in Our Society

By Olalere Mariam

Sexual violence has become an issue of heated controversies in the recent times across the globe. Nigeria, for instance, has witnessed increased protests on the streets and social media against the ballooning cases of the scourge.

The deeply-rooted problem has only continue to raise more questions than answers. Why are teenage girls — often the most affected — being subjected to sexual harrasement — whether properly dressed or not? Why are our elected politicians not bothered the situation? Why are influential figures guilty of the act not mentioned in most cases? It’s unfortunate that our leaders are only concerned about their family’s well-being and often go any length to achieve their desires even when they’re to the detriment of the people.

Nowadays, girls no longer feel safe visiting their male friends. It’s also gradually becoming almost impossible for our young ladies to visit their boyfriends’ house without issues of sexual harrasement coming up.

In fact, some married men also find fun in harassing their wives by forcefully demanding for sex from their wives even when they don’t give their consents resulting to violence. Women have the right to say no to their husband’s sexual request.

Many pastors give fake prophecies to their congregation just to get in between their female members thighs. A pastor, who recently gave out his reason for such act, said most of his female members dress seductively that he could not resist. This is despite the fact that pastors are said to be spiritual beings who are not meant to indulge in such act.

Sadly, victims of sexual violence cannot voice out even when majority of them endure trauma that that has resulted in the death of some. Government should try their best in setting up enlightening and counseling programmes how to handle sexual violence for the youth. The violated victims only need enlightenment so as not to feel downcast among their peers. Arguably, too, unemployment play a part in the prevalence of rape in the society.  act The issue of unemployment results into drinking of alcohol among youths which later lead to treacherous act in the society.

Sexual violence has continued to endanger many women and teenage girls’ lives. The government should also look thoroughly at the predominant factors causing this act.

The government should try their possible best in looking into the issue of sexual violence and should also provide good job opportunity for the youth that end up being a rapist, because they didn’t have a job to meet their standard of living which would at-least reduce the act. We hope with time, the persistent increase in the case will gradually depreciate because if not so, our fundamental human right can be restricted which can also lead to a state of emergency. “SAY NO TO RAPE”

Olalere Mariam writes from Lagos State.

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