10 things BBC investigation revealed about TB Joshua

 10 things BBC investigation revealed about TB Joshua

The BBC’s shocking investigation exposes widespread abuse and torture by the late TB Joshua, founder of one of the world’s largest Christian evangelical churches, the Synagogue Church of All Nations. 

Allegations of rape, forced abortions, and cult-like practices within the secretive Lagos compound span two decades, implicating the charismatic televangelist.

10 Key Highlights

1. Eyewitness Accounts: Dozens report physical violence, child abuse, and being whipped by TB Joshua.

2. Sexual Assault and Rape: Numerous women allege repeated sexual assaults and rapes.

3. Forced Abortions: Multiple claims of forced abortions following alleged rapes.

4. Fake “Miracle Healings”: Testimonies reveal how Joshua staged miracle healings.

5. Cult-Like Experience: Former disciples, like Rae, describe cult-like experiences, enduring severe abuse and attempts at suicide.

6. Global Following: SCOAN, with millions of followers, attracted tens of thousands of pilgrims globally.

7. International Victims: Over 25 former disciples share corroborating testimony, facing abuse in the UK, Nigeria, US, and more.

8. Controversies During Lifetime: TB Joshua’s life included controversies, such as a deadly guest house collapse in 2014.

9. Silencing Attempts: Former insiders faced physical attacks and shootings when speaking out against abuse.

10. Lack of Accountability: Despite reporting to UK authorities, victims claim no action was taken, and SCOAN continues under Evelyn Joshua’s leadership. 

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The call for a thorough investigation into TB Joshua’s actions persists.

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