‘Thank you for the shege’ — Nigerians speak on Tinubu’s first year in office

 ‘Thank you for the shege’ — Nigerians speak on Tinubu’s first year in office

Today marks a year since President Bola Ahmed Tinubu took the oath of office as President and Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, a watershed moment in the country’s history.

Reflecting on the first year, Nigeria’s Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, stated in a twitter thread, “The essence of leadership lies in making difficult decisions when they are most needed.” This reflects President Tinubu’s commitment to guiding Nigeria through challenges to a brighter future.

When discussing economic strategies, Idris stated, “President Tinubu is steadfast in driving policies to attract sustainable local and foreign investments to our country.” This resolve manifests itself in initiatives aimed at improving the business climate and encouraging foreign currency inflows.

Recognizing the importance of direct assistance, the official stated, “President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is committed to implementing policies that directly benefit Nigerians’ livelihoods.” These efforts include a variety of support mechanisms, such as grants, student loans, and minimum wage adjustments.

Citizens Reaction to Tinubu’s First Year in Office

President Bola Tinubu’s inauguration stirred a nation brimming with hope, envisioning transformative leadership. Fast forward one year, the scorecard reads a modest 2 out of 10, a blend of strides and stumbles in the journey of governance, said Qayyum Oluwadamilola in a twitter thread.

To his credit, Tinubu’s regime embarked on ambitious infrastructural ventures, a nod to bolstering the nation’s backbone. Yet, economic woes cast a shadow, with inflation and unemployment continuing their relentless assault on livelihoods, thwarting the administration’s revival aspirations. The specter of national debt looms large, demanding novel solutions.

Security, the bedrock of stability, remains precarious. Despite deployments and task forces, banditry and terrorism persist, haunting citizens. Governance, marred by opacity and corruption, struggles to win public confidence, warranting a transparent overhaul.

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“Transparency and governance,” the thread underscored, “remain elusive.” Corruption stains erode trust, necessitating a transparent resurgence for success.

Social welfare aspirations fall short of public yearnings. Healthcare, education, and infrastructure improvements, though on the agenda, lag behind expectations, underscoring the urgency for accelerated action.

Oluwadamilola added that “in summation, Tinubu’s debut year mirrors a canvas painted with both strokes of promise and swathes of disappointment. As the clock ticks forward, the imperative to address these challenges intensifies, with the fate of a nation hanging in the balance”.

The thread reflected on Tinubu’s inaugural year as a tapestry of ambition and disillusionment. “The road ahead demands resolve,” it concluded, “to bridge the chasm between promise and reality.”

Another twitter user, Ebhodagha Joshua, marked the one-year anniversary of President Tinubu with mixed sentiments. Expressing gratitude for the challenges faced under Tinubu’s leadership, Joshua hoped for a reduction in these challenges in the future. 

Despite the hardships Joshua urged celebration if the nation progresses to meet Tinubu’s vision.

He encapsulated a complex sentiment, acknowledging both gratitude for existing efforts and hopeful anticipation for improvement under President Tinubu’s tenure.

“Happy one year anniversary to President Tinubu, thank you for the shege you have shown us so far, I hope you reduce the shege in the coming years. If the country is good for your eyes then celebrate today”.

Today marks one year since President Tinubu assumed office, said George Zico, another twitter user. Let’s commemorate this milestone in governance excellence. As for Peter Obi, his contributions to Nigeria are deemed insufficient. He’s regarded as lacking in leadership qualities and stands no chance of becoming the president of the Igbo people, let alone Nigeria.

“Today make one year of president Tinubu  let celebrate good governance, @PO_GrassRootM, @PeterObi ,@ruffydfire @renoomokri  peter Obi have nothing to give to Nigeria peter Obi is zero for head oooo and will never become president of Ndigbo talk less of Nigeria”.

For @Afrikus in a twitter post, in the depths of hell, demons rejoice as they honor President Tinubu for his year of relentless greed and corruption. 

“All demons are gathered in hell celebrating President Tinubu in his one year of snatching and grabbing. A year of moral conflict and justification of propaganda. God isn’t going to fight for us until we begin to fight for ourselves”.

It’s a time marked by moral ambiguity and the spread of deceptive propaganda. But amidst this chaos, a truth emerges: until we take a stand for what’s right, divine intervention remains out of reach.

Okearefor Ugonna thinks President Tinubu will not be commemorating any achievements during these four years. 

He understands that a significant portion, 62% to be precise, of Nigerians did not cast their votes in his favor, indicating a lack of majority support. 

This fuels suspicions that his mandate might have been obtained through questionable means.

“President Tinubu will not Celebrate anything in these 4 years. Mark my word because he knows he knows 62% of Nigerians didn’t vote for him which means he doesn’t have the support of the majority and why people feel he stole the mandate”.

President Tinubu could not address the nation to renew their hopes. Right from his first day in office, it’s been different stages of suffering for Nigerians, said PromptGramma, a twitter user.

“Things have so fallen apart that he does not recognize his campaign promises again”. 

President Tinubu found himself unable to deliver the much-needed address to uplift the spirits of the nation. 

Since assuming office, Nigerians had endured a relentless cycle of hardship. The situation had deteriorated to the point where even the president himself struggled to recall the promises made during his campaign. 

With each passing day, his optimism dwindled, and the prospect of revitalizing hope seemed increasingly elusive.

“His hope can’t be renewed”. 

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