SPOTLIGHT: Meet Amarachi, the PR strategist, making a fortune from social media

 SPOTLIGHT: Meet Amarachi, the PR strategist, making a fortune from social media

The key objective to success I believe is focus, whether it is academics or other talents.” — Amarachi.

While millions of youths on social media spend their time and data chatting, people like Chukwudi Amarachi have seized the opportunity to make fortune for themselves.

With over 56 thousand followers on Instagram and still counting, Amarachi is navigating her way to stardom by leveraging on inherent potentials on social media – which are mostly unexplored by several youths.

A graduate of mass communication from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) in Enugu State, South Eastern Nigeria, Amarachi now freelances as social media influencer, PR strategist, dancer and others.

In this chat with CRISPNG’s VICTOR AKUMA, the gifted event host and brand manager, talks about how she has made fortune through social media among other issues.

  1. Tell us about yourself

My name is Chukwudi Amarachi Prisca, I’m a social media influencer, a brand influencer, a PR specialist, a brand manager, talent manager, an event host, a dancer. I also do TV presenting, freelancing, digital marketing and everything that has to do with the media in particular. I do promotion and publicity too.

  1. You seem to be many things; Public Influencer, PR strategist, dancer, event host and more. Of all these, which exactly do you have more flair for?

I think I will focus more on the PR strategising aspect. I studied Mass Communication in school but I have not done my masters so it is quite easy for me to go into that lane of doing PR for brands. So, I have worked with several brands when it has to do with Public Relations for their companies and products. I’m also into the entertainment industry where I work with record labels. I also work for organisations that are not entertainment based, but of all these, I would say I have more flair for PR. So, PR is the major topic here since virtually all I do revolve round it.

  1. At the last count, you have 56.2k followers on your Instagram page amacutiex, how where you able to scoop this number?

I have always been active on my page and I am a dancer and you know to an extent, the kind of content you post on your social account attracts some kind of followers and you know people love to see people being creative, especially dancers.

If you are a creative dancer you certainly will have some followers aside just being an influencer. I have been active on social media for many years and I handled Alex Unusuals on my Instagram handle so it helped boost the number of followers on my page because people knew I was the one handling her page.

However, there are also some certain rules on Instagram for one to be relevant and for people to be able to see you and what you do, that’s your craft. One also need to be very creative on Instagram to have good followers, not just posting random pictures. I do a lot of things on my Instagram page.

  1. One of your hobbies has it that you also promote songs. What kind of songs exactly and what category of people do you promote their songs, upcoming artists or the popular ones?

Well, I promote songs for any artiste, there’s no segregation whether it’s popular or unpopular. I work with record labels whether popular, unpopular or even upcoming artiste. I promote any kind of song in so far it is promotable. Knowing the right target and market also are keys to a successful promotion.

  1. How have you been able to make fortune for yourself on social media?

There’s money on social media especially if you already have name. So, I have been an influencer for a while and you know that my style of influencing which is multifaceted pays. So, people pay me to dance their songs while others pay me to advertise their brands. So, there’s money on social media as long as you are meeting the right people who know your worth. For example, people pay me to post their songs on my page, so nothing is really free in what I do.

  1. How many contracts have you been able to get through your use of social media?

I think I have gotten a lot of contracts on social media. I have been attached to several jobs online that I have lost count. I also think I have more friends on social media than real life. I make my ‘milli’ on social media. I’m a freelancer, I don’t work for a particular organization per say, so my source of income is basically from social media.

  1. A couple of young ladies out there are still struggling to fathom what they are good at. What is your advice for such persons?

The key objective to success I believe is focus, whether it is academics or other talents. So, I will urge young adults out there to never relent even when things are proving to be difficult. The God factor is still there, as long as God sees you are making an effort, he will help you. You cannot sit down in your house and expect things to happen. So, I encourage all who are still yet to fathom what they are good at to seat down everyday to put in perspective what they really want to do and how they can achieve such goal.

It all begin with one bold step and after it, things become very much easier. So, when one thinks out what he or she wants to do, a plan should come in handy as well as consistency. Things will definitely work out fine and there’s no reason to give up.

“You cannot sIT down in your house and expect things to happen.”

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