Self-discipline … useful tips on keeping celibate

 Self-discipline … useful tips on keeping celibate

By Euphemia Nwele

I am young, I am not a virgin, I do not want to have sex yet again, I want to focus on my career and wait till I am married, let me wait till I meet the right man to give my cherry to, I had a nervous breakdown after my bad relationship,  – this and much more perpetuate the decision to be celibate.

Celibacy is a vow to remain abstinent over an extended period of time, it is the state of voluntarily keeping away from sexual relationships within a time frame for personal and religious reasons.

Keeping celibate is a tough decision that comes with self-discipline and control. You have to be able to keep your thoughts in check also for you to be able to manage and enjoy your relationships without sex.

This can be difficult, but then if you keep celibate for the right reasons, then trust those reasons to get you through when you feel like backing out.

Celibacy vanishes your sexual thoughts, at some point some libido would resurface and masturbation would ring in your head, but most times your hormones would be at rest and your sexual emotions on check.

Some people see masturbation as a way of getting through with their vow, others engage in outercourse (anything that does not involve penis-in-vagina penetration). Some persons keep chaste and trust their religious beliefs to get them through.

However, keeping celibate has its benefits – it enhances ones ability to create and record thoughts, it increases mental processing power, speed and focus, it increases ones self-esteem, removes fear of excessive fears of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and as well as unwanted pregnancy. In addition, also it enhances one’s empathic ability, your sexual energy is transmitted into creative innovation and pursuits that are not selfish.

So, if you are contemplating on being celibate or not, glance back at the benefits and maybe if would help you decide.

See you all later! Be safe – kisses

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