‘One good sex and she’ll remember you forever’ — Examining Okafor’s law of relationship

 ‘One good sex and she’ll remember you forever’ — Examining Okafor’s law of relationship

By Euphemia Nwele

“If you have mind-blowing sex with a woman once, you get free pass to always have sex with her”.

This is the rule of Okafor’s law, and whether this is stereotype or not, people are guided by it, their thoughts and motions are shaped by it and it affects how they relate with people around them.

Truthfully women have a greater sex drive than men and I can not help but wonder if this is also part of the reason they know and can barely forget the person who gives them good sex.

The rule expresses the fact that good ‘bedmatics’ with that woman could be your key to opening the cookie jar whenever you want.

Women have been said to have better memories than men (they remember things faster, more accurately, and in greater detail than men), little wonder as to why she always reminds you of an offence you committed over ten years back. (laughs).

So yes, it is very possible for her to recollect where and who gave her the best sex of her life. But whether, her memories still pull her back into the arms of that man is what I cannot decide for her; in as much as this law exists it is still a choice to believe or accept.

Okafor’s law was a popular term in the year 2016 as a result of the movie “Okafor’s Law” produced, directed and written by Omoni Oboli. The movie is a Nigerian romantic comedy drama highlighting on an ardent player with ladies, whose quest to proving this law to his friends brings him three women he must re-seduce.

Do let me know in the comment section how true you think of this law, and if you have had an experience of it.

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