Samoa Agreement: Here’s a full list of African countries with anti-LGBT laws

 Samoa Agreement: Here’s a full list of African countries with anti-LGBT laws

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The Nigerian government announced the Samoa agreement on June 28, 2024, alongside other countries in Brussels, Belgium. However, the signing of the document has raised controversy over Nigeria’s LGBTQ+ stance.

What the Samoa Agreement is all about

The Samoa agreement aims to address global challenges and enhance cooperation in multiple areas. The agreement provides a framework for member countries to collaborate on sustainable development, economic growth, and improving living standards for their citizens.

The Daily Trust’s Controversial Report

A controversial report published by Dailly Trust on 4th of July, 2024 stated that the Samoa agreement signed by the Nigerian government contained a pro-LGBT clause. This caused Nigerians to criticise the government arguing that it went against African values and moral standards.

However, a fact-check by TheCable revealed this to be false, stating that due to references to sexual orientation and gender identity, construed as LGBTQ+ rights, several ACP countries, Nigeria included, declined to sign.

A compromise was reached, stipulating that the parties would pledge “to promote, protect, and fulfill all human rights, whether civil, political, economic, social, or cultural.”

The parties are also urged to commit to implementing established international agreements, including the International Conference on Population and Development Programme of Action on sexual and reproductive health and rights, as well as the Beijing Platform on gender equality and its subsequent negotiated agreements (Article 36).


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The government has also debunked the statement stating, “The federal government insists that that report on the Samoa agreement was misleading, it was false and designed to create confusion in the land.”

The federal government on Wednesday, 10th July also made formal reports to Ombudsman against Daily Trust.

Here’s a full list of African countries with anti-LGBT laws

1. Mauritania – Death Penalty

2. Senegal – Up to five years in prison

3. Gambia – Life in prison

4. Guinea – Three years in prison

5. Sierra Leone – Life in prison

6. Liberia – One year in prison or a fine of up to L$1000

7. Ghana – Three years in prison

8. Togo – Three years in prison

9. Morocco – Three years in prison

10. Algeria – Three years in prison

11. Tunisia – Three years in prison

12. Libya – Five years in prison

13. Chad – Two years in prison

14. Nigeria – Up to 14 years in prison

15. Cameroon – Five years in prison

16. Egypt – Three years in prison and a fine of 100 to 300 Egyptian pounds per charge

17. Sudan – Life in prison

18. Eritrea – Up to seven years

19. South Sudan – Ten years

20. Ethiopia – 15 years

21. Somalia – Death penalty

22. Uganda – Death penalty

23. Kenya – 14 years

24. Burundi – Two years

25. Tanzania – Life in prison

26. Zambia – Life in prison

27. Malawi – 14 years

28. Zimbabwe – One year and a fine

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