#FreeAyo: All to know as Toyin Abraham comes under fire again for voting Tinubu

 #FreeAyo: All to know as Toyin Abraham comes under fire again for voting Tinubu

Image Source: Vanguard

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has allegedly had the mother and sister of X user, Ayo arrested over accusations of cyberbullying and defamation, sparking the hashtag #FreeAyo to trend on X (formerly Twitter).

The conflict began with a heated debate on X about Abraham’s support for Tinubu in the 2023 general elections. Amidst economic hardships in the country, users criticized Abraham for her earlier statements supporting Tinubu, claiming he had great plans for Nigeria.

Previously, another X user, #YVRLO, directed harsh comments towards Abraham and her family, even wishing harm upon her son. Recently, Ayo accused Abraham of using funds from Tinubu for her husband’s hair transplant, writing, “Mrs @Toyin_Abraham walai aiye e ti ta!! (sic) You collect Tinubu money use fo hair transplant for your husband…stoopid fool.”


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In response, Abraham took legal action, which led to the arrest of Ayo. In a live broadcast on Instagram, Abraham clarified that she did not arrest Ayo’s mother as reported on twitter but reported cybercrime as a citizen exercising her rights. She emphasized her stance against cyberbullying and unfounded accusations, stating, “You can’t accuse me wrongly and expect me not to say anything. I will not arrest anyone’s mum. I never arrested anyone’s mother.”

Abraham’s spokesman defended her actions, asserting, “It is not an abuse of power; it’s a fight against cyberbullying. Everyone must understand that actions have consequences, especially online.”

The backlash continued, with users like Ajebo Danny, UnkleAyo and Bayo Otedola condemning Abraham’s actions and threatening to report her movies on Netflix if Ayo was not released. Danny and UnkleAyo urged the public to mass report Abraham’s Instagram page and contact Netflix if the situation was not resolved.

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