Relationship 101: How to Know She’s No Longer Interested

 Relationship 101: How to Know She’s No Longer Interested

By Nwele Euphemia

Girls are usually the lovers, they are the love fountain in a relationship – girls love easily I guess that is why the holy book only addressed the guys when it said ‘husbands love your wife…’, love to guys requires more effort than the ladies.

However, for some ladies, it is just as easy to fall out of love as they fell in. The word love is used commonly now that it loses its core value, some say ‘I love you’ too quickly in their relationship and when they are supposed to actually kickstart the relationship and say the word is when they lose interest and fall out of love.

For some, it is a case of sincere lost interest. They no longer love you and sometimes lack words to tell their partner that they no longer love them. These signs below are signals that your woman has fallen out of love with you.

She no longer picks your call: communication is a key ingredient in any form of relationship, and when your girl stops picking your call and stops returning your call, she is not feeling the relationship anymore.

People can miss your call for one reason or the other – they were probably not with their phone when you called or maybe they were busy, but usually they always try to return the call much later. So, when you call her overtime and she stay for a long period of time (probably two days or more) with returning your call when you know that there’s nothing wrong then your girl is no longer your girl.

No sacrifices: girls invest in who they love, they make sacrifices of time, money and talent to be with you or to make sure everything is alright with you both. So, when you know she usually gives cash to a cause that is both for your benefit and she stops or gives excuses for it then something is fishy.

When she starts questioning her sacrifice for the relationship, when she starts complaining about them, then, her interest is no more. A father does not see the number of sacrifices he makes for is son because he is wrapped in the aura of his love for his son.

No respect: this is relatable when you know that on a normal day your girl is someone who respects you and anything concerning you so much. So, you should know that something is up when she no longer respects you overtime. A woman who loves you would honor you even when she thinks you do not worth it, because she cares about you.

She puts her friends first: women in love cherish their men so much that they are ready to risk their friendship, to put their relationship with their friends on the line for their love. When she starts placing her friends before you then something is wrong.

Relationship is something you build overtime, it is something you invest your time on, but when it comes to your marriage or romantic relationship, it is expected that your spouse comes first before your friends and when it doesn’t happen this way it is a sign that she has fallen out of love with you.

If your woman loves you, you would be able to see it in her action and words, do not neglect the signs, rather have a conversation with her and straighten things out.

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