Nigerian singer Gvin Champp joins US label Bentley Records, set to drop single ‘Rebirth’

 Nigerian singer Gvin Champp joins US label Bentley Records, set to drop single ‘Rebirth’

Gvin Champp

On February 23, 2024, Igiri George Oheji, better known as Gvin Champp, will be releasing his new single “Rebirth,” in partnership with Bentley Records.

Gvin Champp who was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, had always dreamed of making it big in the music industry.

After years of hard work and dedication, Gvin Champp had finally caught his big break in the form of a partnership with Bentley Records. The solo single “Rebirth” was set to be released on 290 streaming platforms worldwide, along with an NFT component, promising to reach music lovers across the globe.

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The inspiration behind “Rebirth” came from Gvin Champp’s personal journey of overcoming struggles and obstacles to forge a new path in his musical and personal life. The song is a reflection of his resilience and determination to rise from the ashes like a phoenix, stronger and more beautiful than before.

The process of creating “Rebirth” is not without its challenges. It took Gvin Champp four months of hard work and dedication to bring his vision to life.

As the release date approached, Gvin Champp and Bentley Records had extensive plans to promote the song. Social media campaigns, interviews, and performances were all in the works to ensure that “Rebirth” reached as many ears as possible.

In addition to “Rebirth,” Gvin Champp had plans for future projects. He teased a new single titled “HOTTA” set to be released in March this year, with an Afrobeat vibe that was sure to get fans moving and grooving. Collaborations with other artists like KillBunk and Trop Davinci were also in the works, promising exciting new music on the horizon.

As the world waited in anticipation for the release of “Rebirth,” Gvin Champp’s star continued to rise, and his future in the music industry looked brighter than ever. With his talent, passion, and determination, there was no doubt that Gvin Champp was destined for greatness.

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