INTERVIEW: Rejection is my major challenge as an upcoming artiste, says Gvin Champp

 INTERVIEW: Rejection is my major challenge as an upcoming artiste, says Gvin Champp

Gvin Champp

Gvin Champp, an incredibly talented musician, embodies a life deeply intertwined with music. He has devoted himself entirely to his musical aspirations, leaving behind all other pursuits.

His talent spans from the art of songwriting to endeavours in creative entrepreneurship. Gvin Champp’s versatility is evident as he fearlessly extends his influence in various ways, undeterred by the numerous setbacks he has encountered.

In an interview with CrispNG, the music prodigy who was born in Ikorodu, delves into his musical journey. He discusses how his childhood experiences have profoundly influenced his music, highlighting the inspirational connection he shares with his guitar. Additionally, he expresses his admiration for artists like Wizkid and Burna Boy, while also unveiling his ambitious plans for the future.

Tell us about yourself

I am Igiri George Oheji, known professionally as Gvin Champp. I am a singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist and creative entrepreneur. I was born into a family of seven in 1998 in Odogunyan, Ikorodu of Lagos state, Nigeria and I am the fourth of five children.

I had my primary and secondary school education at Farm Settlement Primary School and Ikorodu High School, Ikorodu, Lagos state respectively. I previously attended Tai Solarin University of Education where I was studying Library And Information Science. I am currently a school leaver chasing after my musical career focusing mainly on R&B/Soul, Afropop, Pop, and Afrobeats music genres.

What inspired you to pursue a music career? 

My passion is fueled by the many financial difficulties that I’ve been exposed to from childhood. My father lost his job in 2012 as a Lab technologist, and my mom, a local Orthopaedist and commercial farmer has shouldered the responsibilities of the family ever since. These experiences are also reflected in my tunes with the view of giving hope to the broken at heart, a motif that gave rise to the hashtag, #NoPainNoGain#.

Can you share a bit about your musical background and how it has influenced your style? 

My passion for music surfaced at the early age of seven as a lead vocalist and song leader in the children’s wing and Dominion youth choir, Assemblies Of God Church, Odogunyan 1, Ikorodu. I improved on this passion when I decided to learn the guitar in 2011, first, under the tutelage of Emmanuel Oscar, a Nigerian gospel artist, and later, in 2015, with Agwuson, a Nigerian-based gospel artist who currently resides in Kenya.

What themes or messages do you aim to convey through your music? 

Generally, the themes are centred on life lessons, especially those from my experiences.

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Could you describe your creative process when writing songs? 

I am a guitarist and I would say that playing the guitar is a huge part of my creative process. The guitar is so inspiring that when I strum it, it drives out lyrics to new vibes, it’s surreal.

Are there any particular artists or genres that have had a significant impact on your music?

I am largely impacted by Wizkid, Tems, Justin Bieber, and Burna Boy as well as the R&B/Soul, Afrobeat and Pop music genres.

How do you envision your music evolving or growing in the future?

I will say the future is just so bright because I know I’m going to explore deluxe. Topping billboards is not a worry for me, man is working hard and all things are possible with GOD.

What challenges have you faced in your journey as a music artist, and how have you overcome them?

This is the most difficult situation I’ve ever been through all my life in the music scene. Why? I will always say this loud and clear, REJECTIONS. Most people, friends, family, neighbours, and international communities keep rejecting my songs as an upcoming artist. They never want to buy to the trenches boy because they believe I’m a nobody, with all these happening around me I strive the more just to be among the best and nothing will ever drain me down. Funny enough it’s my boosting speed and also bursting their brains, which is shocking.

Could you highlight a significant moment or experience that has shaped you as an artist?

Growing up, I participated in several music auditions across the city of Lagos and around the world. Notable among them was Destiny Child gospel show, (GCGT) Global 12 challenge hosted by Shodement, from where I signed my app deal, although, I later withdrew the deal for personal reasons.

In 2016, I got connected to Sonic Sound and with the boss, Jairus Mozee (@jmothegreat), Grammy-nominated artist, guitarist and producer to Kendrick Lamar. This union opened up the opportunity for me to get online guitar lessons from this talented music gem.

In the year 2021, through an Instagram connection, I met the American business executive, boxing promoter, rapper, and producer from Long Island, New York – Triple The Mogul, who orchestrated the relationship with a direct message. I enrolled for music lessons in his online school – STAT SCHOOL, and I have never regretted the opportunity to learn from the master of the art himself. (@triplethemogul)

On September 1st, 2022 I participated in Hit-Boy Beat Exchange Contest POWERED by UnitedMasters featured on Billboard.

Presently, I’m in a musical relationship with Rick Ross producer TROPDAVINCI and POSTA an artist and producer who hails from Atlanta.

Can you share your past projects? 

I have about 7 songs that are out, Good Life, See Finish, Vibe Killer, See Finish ft Jo Mascott, Important, Drip Drop. Important’s acoustic cover was released 3rd of November and is my closure song of the year 2023, it’s a catchy song filled with dynamics.

With over 200,000 streams of my songs across digital platforms such as Spotify, Applemusic, Tidal, Boomplay and Youtube, 2023 is the beginning, I am not stopping in 2024 till I hit the sky tunes.

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Can tell us about upcoming projects or collaborations that you’re excited about? 

I do have upcoming projects in 2024 which feature some notable artistes in the United States and across the globe, I’ll keep everyone informed.

What advice would you give to other aspiring musicians just starting in the industry?

Never relent because it’s going to be worse for upcoming artists year 2024 as stated by Spotify, just keep pushing to the call of music and be positive.

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