My Sexcapades with a ghost (2)

 My Sexcapades with a ghost (2)

By Ikenna Amadi

I stared at the mirror, with my heart thumping fast, as events of a fortnight played in my head. I hadn’t recovered from the shock of seeing a one night stand turn into a grotesque one as I had been ghosted with weird and unexplained dreams.

I hadn’t seen her face ever since the encounter and all that played in my memory were strangely our crazy lovemaking session  as I was too daft and lustful to think too much about her sudden disappearance right in front of me.

I feared I was possessed as rather than seeking spiritual help, I longed for more of our romantic and lustful moments.

Bizarrely, her curvy images had taken me to Pluto, as I couldn’t think straight, while I acted strangely to other fellows. I would see myself getting horny with the slightest feel of air as every face I saw where that of her. Oh, how I badly needed her. Strangely I was already in lust with a ghost.

As the devil played his trick, right there before my very eyes, her apparition appeared behind me stark naked, staring at me fixedly, while I turned gazing at  her like a possessed being in Harry Potter sequel.

Immediately, like a flash, I found myself hungrily scouting her body, while she seductively urged me on. Her nails pierced my back as I tickled her curvy body, while her strange scent took me to limbo.

We were extremely raunchy as I grabbed her and ate deep into her flesh in the most seductive manner as intense passion oozed out from the room.

I was already sweating profusely as I grinded on her warm body, with her moans getting louder with every thrusts from me. I cared less about the last event as I knew this was a spiritual being, but like an hypnotised fellow, I played the script.

The moans were getting louder, and I cared less about the neighbours as she sang passionately to my ears while I thrusted harder.  I was close to heaven’s paradise when suddenly I heard the door to my room open sharply.  It was mama!

I quickly looked at the bed and she had disappeared again as mama looked at me deeply and petrified.

To be continued…

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