Lagos to demolish Landmark Beach… here’s what to know

 Lagos to demolish Landmark Beach… here’s what to know

The Lagos State government is set to demolish part of the esteemed Landmark Beach Resort to facilitate the development of the 700-kilometer Lagos-Calabar road project. 

Paul Onwuanibe, a Nigerian business tycoon, revealed to CNN that he was served a demolition notice in late March, mandating him to evacuate his multimillion-dollar beach resort within seven days prior to its demolition.

Things to know about Landmark Beach and the situation surrounding it:

Demolition Warning: The Lagos State Government issued a demolition warning to the proprietor of Landmark Beach Resort due to its obstruction of the planned route of a 700-kilometer coastal road connecting Lagos with Calabar.

Paul Onwuanibe’s Response: Onwuanibe, the owner of Landmark Beach Resort, received a notice to vacate the resort within seven days. He purchased the land in 2007 before the coastal highway plans were formulated.

Economic Impact: The Landmark property accommodates over 80 businesses, sustains over 4,000 jobs directly, and contributes more than N2 billion in taxes annually.

Tourism Significance: Landmark Beach is regarded as one of Nigeria’s top-tier tourism spots, attracting approximately one million local and foreign visitors annually.

Investor Concerns: Both international and domestic investors in the Landmark Group are considering withdrawing their investments if the beach resort is demolished. The resort features various amenities, including a mini-golf course, beach soccer field, volleyball, and basketball court.

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Government Plans: The Lagos State Government announced plans to demolish all “illegal” constructions along the planned route of the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway. Removal notices were served to owners of affected structures.

Federal Highway Construction: The Federal Government initiated the construction of the 700-kilometer Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway, extending through nine states. The project aims to enhance connectivity and infrastructure development in the region.

Contract Details: The construction project involves a 103 km section of the coastal highway. Hitech Construction Company Ltd. was handed over the first phase, including a 47.47-kilometer dual carriageway, to undertake the project using concrete pavement. 

Government Notice: The notice to property owners indicated that their properties fall within the right-of-way alignment of the project, necessitating their removal.

Legal Dispute: Onwuanibe seeks compensation for the potential demolition of Landmark Beach Resort, highlighting the significant investment made in developing the ecosystem, including the beach area.

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