JayPee and Lukay’s eviction, love triangles… highlights of BBTitans week 3

 JayPee and Lukay’s eviction, love triangles… highlights of BBTitans week 3

Week 3 in the Big Brother Titans house was a lot to take in. The housemates served audiences with premium entertainment, from the fights to the triangles, pyramids, squares, and explosive parties. Still, every good thing must end – at least for the duo who got the least audience votes. Today JayPee and Lukay’s turn.

The two, who became a team after Big Brother’s twist paired the housemates as male and female from opposite countries in a sink-or-swim tie, left the game tonight as they received the least votes from viewers.

Before the announcement of the evicted pair and the custom walk down memory lane reviewing the week’s activities from the HOH game, wager, house tasks, fights, and parties, Ebuka and Lawrence spoke with the housemates. They put the nominated housemates – Thabana (Thabang and Nana), Khosicle (Khosi and Miracle), Blaqleng (Blaqboi and Ipeleng), Marvin and Yaya (Maya) and Jaykay, on the chopping block as Ebuka tried to shake tables.

He first spoke with the current Heads of House – Kanaga and Blue Aiva (Kanaiva). He chose not to ask Blue why she saved Yemi and replaced him with team Maya. Instead, he asked why she had a lot to say about Nelisa. The DJ promptly said it was because she considers Yemi’s partner an instigator. The conversation with Kanaga was equally as tense with the HOH stating he put his close friend, Marvin, up for possible eviction because of personal reasons he didn’t want to share.

Ebuka then took the opportunity to speak with Lukay, asking him how he might have handled the looming eviction as well as he did. Lukay noted that it was a game, and he expected his nomination. On the other hand, Marvin had a different opinion and thought it was hypocritical for Kanaga to call him a friend and still put him up for possible eviction.

Afterwards, it was time for the axe to drop as Lawrence declared the pairs Blaqleng and Thabana safe from evictions. He then evicted JayKay and asked both of them to leave the house. In her talk with the South African host, Jaypee wondered if she was a good fit for the show in the first place. However, she enjoyed her time in the house and will miss her triangle with Marvin and Ebubu.

Lukay took the eviction in good stride and was just happy to have made it into the house out of thousands of applicants in the first place. He noted that his relationship with Ipeleng was not a game and that he came to like her in the few weeks they spent together. He is willing to see what happens out of the house and isn’t worried that she’ll move on to anyone else.

Ebuka and Lawrence ended the live show by ensuring team Maya and Khosicle knew the fans had saved them. With another week in front of the remaining 20 housemates, they have only one main objective – to step up the entertainment!

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