It’s a hoax linking 5G to COVID-19, Antichrist, says Matthew Ashimolowo

 It’s a hoax linking 5G to COVID-19, Antichrist, says Matthew Ashimolowo

The Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) in London, Matthew Ashimolowo, has dismissed claims in some quarters that the advent of 5G technology gave birth to coronavirus pandemic.

Recall that 5G — the fifth generation of wireless communications technologies supporting cellular data networks – has left several tongues wagging on social media with many arguing it generally portends danger to humanity.

It has also caused a stir in the religious landscape, with some clergyman claiming 5G technology is Antichrist initiative.

Reacting to such insinuations in a video, the cleric called on members of the public to discard such baseless claims.

His words: “Too many theories, too many videos and fake news out there. There are too many theories out there, 5G and all that. Please, stay out of all those theories, keep your eyes on the lord. Do not be afraid, don’t think oh my God, this is the Antichrist.

“Yeah, there may be things that are pointers to the last days. But not everything that happens around us should make us think that the Antichrist wants to take over our lives. Every time, there has been a major shock to the world, the church has often thought this must be the Antichrist.

“I am not a scientist; I am a pastor. But all these 5G theory is not biblical, it’s not practical. There is virus out there killing people, stay lockdown, don’t think it is 5G that is killing people.

“How come it got to my village when there is no 5G. A sickness is out there killing people and I am very disappointed that some pastors have hastily shown crowds that there is a conspiracy theory to take over the world and place chips in people’s bodies.

“We know the Antichrist will play all those pranks. But this is not it. This is a pandemic. Jesus Christ spoke about it in Matthew 24:8”.

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