INTERVIEW: Meet Chidinma, the Nigerian set to break longest crocheting marathon record

 INTERVIEW: Meet Chidinma, the Nigerian set to break longest crocheting marathon record

With a crochet hook in hand and determination in her heart, Chidinma is set to embark on a 72-hour crotchet-a-thon—a quest to break the Guinness World Record for the longest marathon crocheting.

Join CrispNG as we unravel the story behind the hands that are set to create history, exploring the passion, dedication, and artistry that drive this extraordinary endeavor.

May we meet you?

My name is Okafor Chidinma Modupe. I hail from Imo State. I am a graduate of the University of Nigeria. I am a remarkable lady with a passion for crocheting that knows no bounds.

Tell us about your passion for crocheting


My journey in the world of crocheting is nothing short of inspiring. My love affair with crocheting began in my childhood.
My crochet journey has been a remarkable evolution.

I began with the basics, creating small items for family and friends. With time, I ventured into more complex patterns, experimenting with different yarn textures and colors.

My growing expertise allowed me to accept custom orders, and soon, my crochet pieces became highly sought after. What was once a hobby had now transformed into a business.

I create just about anything with a crochet hook and yarn. My creations know no bounds. My creations reflect my passion and dedication, making them treasured items for those fortunate enough to own them.

My journey is far from over. I envision expanding my craft, learning new techniques, and passing on my knowledge to the next generation. My dream is to host crochet workshops, and trainings, and inspire others to discover the joy of crocheting.

Tell us about the record attempt


I’m attempting to break the longest crocheting marathon by crocheting for 72 hours. At present, Alessandra Hayden of Gig Harbor, Washington, USA, holds the record for the longest marathon crocheting – 34 hours and 7 minutes. I plan to surpass that and set a new record.

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What inspired you to pursue this particular Guinness World Record

First, as stated earlier is the deep love for the craft of crocheting and a desire to showcase dedication and skill on a global platform.

I also want to promote the craft by showcasing the versatility, intricacy, and beauty of crocheting as an art form, and potentially inspiring others to take up the craft or appreciate its intricacies.

Again, I want to encourage other crocheters just like myself to believe in their abilities and skills and to know that they can be whoever they determine to become and that no gift or skill is useless.

What kind of preparation or training have you been undergoing to achieve this record

I have been having practice sessions to build physical stamina by crotcheting continuously for long durations. I have also been mastering various crochet techniques, stitches, and patterns to work efficiently and swiftly during the marathon.

To build my mental capacity, I have been training my mind to remain focused, alert, and resilient during extended periods of crocheting without significant breaks

For logistics, venue arrangements, crochet materials, documentation, and support personnel are being organised.

Furthermore, I’m working on familiarising myself with Guinness World Records’ rules, documentation requirements, and guidelines for the attempt.

I have also developed strategies for staying hydrated, well-nourished, and maintaining good posture to prevent physical strain or injuries during the prolonged crochet session.

Lastly, I’ve built a support team to assist with documentation, witness requirements, and ensuring adherence to the guidelines.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your preparation?


One is having to sustain continuous crocheting for an extended period which leads to muscle strain, fatigue and discomfort. Also, maintaining physical stamina throughout the 72 hours poses a significant challenge.

Also, coordinating a team to support the event, manage logistics, document the attempt accurately, and provide assistance throughout the 72 hours requires effective communication and coordination and is not the easiest thing to do, but we are prevailing.

Could you share your strategy or approach to successfully break?

I will pace the crocheting speed evenly, avoiding burnout in the initial stages. Maintain mental focus through various strategies, such as listening to music, staying engaged with the project, or using relaxation techniques during short breaks.

Also, staying motivated, maintaining a positive mindset throughout the marathon and reminding myself of my goal is another strategy.

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What impact do you hope breaking this record we have, either personally or for a course?

For me being involved in breaking this record represents a significant personal accomplishment, showcasing my dedication, skill, and endurance in the craft of crocheting.

Also, achieving this record might draw attention to the art of crocheting, highlighting its intricacies, versatility, and the dedication of those involved. It could inspire others to take up the craft, promoting creativity and artistic expression.

Again, a successful attempt could bring together individuals passionate about crocheting, fostering a sense of community and collaboration within the crafting world. It might encourage participation in similar creative endeavors or events.

Breaking a Guinness World Record can serve as an inspiration for others, demonstrating what can be achieved through perseverance, determination, and teamwork. It might motivate individuals to set and strive for their own ambitious goals.

Lastly, setting a new record often garners media attention, providing a platform to showcase the talent, dedication, and efforts of those involved. This recognition could lead to opportunities for sharing experiences, teaching others, or engaging in further projects related to crocheting or crafting.

In terms of collaborations, how successful have you been?

Thankfully, we have been able to get different brands to support us including C.Zard company limited, GOGE Africa, Jordan FM, Fresh FM, Mainland FM and CrispNG and we count it as a blessing.

Where and when would the event take place?

The crochet-a-thon as it is tagged will take place on the 24th to 27th December at GOGE Africa, No 2, Aderibigbe Shitta Street, Maryland Ikeja.

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