Grass to grace series (6): Kizz Daniel, the ace singer who started music at 11

 Grass to grace series (6): Kizz Daniel, the ace singer who started music at 11

Growing up in Nigeria, Kizz Daniel’s passion for music was ignited by his parents as they recognized and nurtured his talents. This ultimately led him to become a talented singer and songwriter. Let’s delve into the details of his journey, highlighting important points. 

A blossoming talent

“Kizz Daniel’s early imaginative spark ignited a journey destined for the world of music.” Born on May 1, 1994, in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital, Nigeria, Kizz Daniel emerged from a middle-class family as the second of five children. Growing up in the embrace of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kolawole Uthman Anidugbe, his passion for music began to take shape.

“By the age of 11, the budding artist was already penning songs, a passion that would become the heartbeat of his future.” This creative flame only intensified as Kizz Daniel navigated secondary school and continued his education in Water Resources Management and agronometeorology at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

“It was during his university days that Kizz Daniel crossed paths with JahBless, a producer who unveiled the exceptional singing and songwriting talent within him.” Encountering JahBless fueled Kizz Daniel’s determination to balance his academic pursuits with a burgeoning music career.

A promising breakthrough

“Fate smiled upon Kizz Daniel when he encountered Emperor Geezy, the CEO of G-Worldwide Entertainment, who saw in him the promise of a star.” Signing with the label marked the beginning of a meteoric rise for Kizz Daniel. Hits like “Woju” elevated him to the forefront of the Afropop scene.

“However, the harmonious journey took a discordant turn not long after ‘Woju’ echoed through the airwaves.” A dispute over profit shares erupted between Kizz Daniel and G-Worldwide Entertainment, leading to a legal battle. The label refuted claims of underpayment, stating they had paid over #120 million to the artist.

“Amid legal proceedings, Kizz Daniel released his debut album, ‘New Era,’ in 2016, an artistic triumph amidst personal and professional challenges.” This album solidified Kizz Daniel’s resilience and artistry, garnering accolades such as Album of the Year at the Headies in 2016.

The strength of family

“Beyond the stage and the courtroom, Kizz Daniel’s family played a pivotal role in shaping his journey.” His father, Mr. Kolawole Uthman Anidugbe, recognized and nurtured his son’s musical gifts. Despite the tragic loss of his father in 2015, Kizz Daniel and his mother, a private figure known as the surviving parent, weathered the storm together.

The origin of the name ‘Kizz Daniel’

“Kizz Daniel’s stage name itself tells a tale of his school days, where his distinct dimple earned him the moniker ‘kiss.'” The name “Kizz Daniel” became synonymous with musical prowess and resilience. The switch to this name in May 2018 marked an evolution, mirroring the artist’s growth and determination.

“Outside the spotlight, Kizz Daniel’s personal life became a subject of intrigue.” A matching tattoo with Chidimma fueled rumors of a romantic liaison, adding another layer to his enigmatic story.

“Through his journey in the music industry, Kizz Daniel faced challenges but remained resilient, with the support of his family.” His story showcases not only his talent and determination but also the power of familial bonds.

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Kizz Daniel’s journey from a middle-class family in Nigeria to a talented singer and songwriter is a testament to his passion and resilience. With the support of his parents and his unwavering pursuit of musical excellence, he continues to make his mark in the industry.

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