How Wisdom Onwunmelu and other youths are inspiring campaign against plastic pollution in Africa

 How Wisdom Onwunmelu and other youths are inspiring campaign against plastic pollution in Africa

For Wisdom Onwunmelu, ending plastic pollution in Africa is a fight to finish.

Wisdom is among volunteers for Tide Turners Challenge, a movement inspired by United Nations to address plastic pollution in Africa.

In this chat with CRISPNG, he talks about the need to join in the campaign to eradicate plastic pollution in Africa and how youths can bring about social change in the world.

Tell us about yourself:

I am a 300 level Soil Science student of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ikwo, Ebonyi State. I hail from Abia State. I have a strong penchant and interest in environmental protection and conservation, hence, my participation in the Tide Turners Challenge.

What is Tide Turners Challenge all about? 

Tide Turners Challenge is a United Nations Environment Programme sponsored project aimed at reducing and raising awareness as regards the menace of plastic pollution in Africa.

Participants are to work on different tasks and project, showcasing what they have done in their community in ending plastic pollution. The challenge will run through the month of march.

How can others willing to join the movement become volunteers too?

Anyone with a strong desire and interest towards raising awareness on plastic pollution is encouraged to participate as that is the aim of the campaign. The selection is online, one have to visit the Junior Achievement Africa page on Facebook and follow the instructions there. No registration fee whatsoever, and after that, you start your daily campaign where you educate your friends and families about the subject and posting it to the page.

How has the campaign been so far?

Well, as Tide Turners, we’ve done a lot individually both online and offline towards this course. We started to educate right from our immediate environment and friends down to creating short slides for our online friends to watch and learn. It’s a bit challenging but considering the negative effects of used plastics to us as humans and to the aquatic organisms, embarking on such project is worth the sacrifice.

How do you think youths can inspire social change in the world?

And to your last question, well, youths constitute a significant percentageof the world’s population, thus, anything they indulge in have the potential of having an effect globally.

I think the youths out there should shun all forms of social vices that are inimical to the society at large. The youths should engage in meaningful and impactful projects aimed at creating an enabling society for all irrespective of gender or physique.

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