Five reasons BBNaija is Nigeria’s most-loved show

 Five reasons BBNaija is Nigeria’s most-loved show

The Big Brother Naija reality TV show has been running for four seasons now, but the much anticipated fifth season is set to begin on Sunday, July 19, 2020.

A recent report on the habits of young Nigerians during the lockdown by ID Africa, a media and marketing agency, revealed that social media content on BBNaija-related topics sparked more interest and engagement amongst social media users.

One thing that has become increasingly apparent over the years is that fans genuinely love this show.

We see it in the passionate way they ride for their favourite housemates on and off social media even long after the curtains are drawn on each season of the show.

We see it in the way they canvass for votes and in the number of votes announced at the show’s eviction night.

Let’s look at five reasons BBNaija is still Nigeria’s most loved show:

1. Fans get to live vicariously through other people

Big Brother Naija is centred around the lives of the housemates in the house. It exposes their fears, virtues, vices, flaws, etc and humanises every one of them. For many, the idea of being exposed that way is scary but at the very least, they get to live out their fantasies through the housemates they love the most.

2. The viewers can relate with the housemates

The BBNaija housemates have real issues peculiar to the average Nigerian. Over the course of the season, viewers will find themselves connecting and relating with at least one housemate’s story. This helps them develop strong bonds with the housemates and gives them a stronger reason to watch the show.

3. Big Brother Naija has got the perfect show host

Nigerians got a taste of Big Brother Naija in 2006, and since then, we all got hooked. When season two returned to our screens in 2017, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, an ex-housemate from season one was selected to host the show.

He has hosted subsequent seasons since then and has done an admirable job. From his witty banter, sarcastic one-liners, and his ever-ready sense of fashion, Ebuka embodies the BBNaija ideal of authenticity, and we just love to watch him do his thing on eviction night, don’t we?

4. There is always drama

Is it even a BBNaija season if there’s no drama? Die-hard fans who have been following the show from the get-go know to expect drama, fights, love-triangles, betrayals, and beautiful friendships. It creates a form of entertainment and excitement that no other Nigerian show has been able to live up to.

5. The show doesn’t just end when the season is over

Believe it or not, but BBNaija is a year-long phenomenon per new set of housemates. Even after the season ends, the drama continues outside Biggie’s house and the fans soak up every tidbit they can get. They develop an emotional attachment with each housemate and stay connected to them via social media. And when a new set of housemates come on board, they just create more space for them.

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