Day Nsukka/Igbo-Eze South Stood Still For Hon. Asadu

 Day Nsukka/Igbo-Eze South Stood Still For Hon. Asadu

From Left: Hon. Pat Asadu discussing with Hon. Fidelis Odo, the Executive Chairman of Igbo-Eze South Local Government at the recently held rally in Nsukka

By Favour Ben

Leaders with proven integrity the world over are rare pretty to find. While some of them are made; just a few of them are born. Hon. Pat Asadu is undoubtedly one among those who are born.

He exudes distinctive leadership qualities and an undying zeal to better the lot of his people and indeed the nation at large. Little wonder he has been chosen severally to serve his people of Nsukka/ Igbo Eze Federal constituency at the National Assembly.

Pat, as he prefers to be called, has proven beyond every reasonable doubt that he is a true son of Ovoko, a doctor and a light to the community. He is in fact, an angel sent to help his people to achieve the development they deserve. So far so good, he has made a mark in every project he touches. Such landmark achievements, no doubt, have drawn the support of many prominent figures in Enugu  State such as Hon. Fidelis Odo, the Executive Chairman of Igbo-Eze South Local Government. Like many, the Executive Chairman has demonstrated an unflinching support for Hon. Asadu’s developmental strides and is rooting for his fourth time bid at the National Assembly.

The reasons for this are not far-fetched. It is on record that Hon. Pat Asadu has empowered over 700 people including men and women with either machinery or skilss that can fetch them a lot of money to feed their family.

Human capital development, interest in human rights, protection of vulnerable groups and infrastructural growth are important factors enhancing community development, without these, a community either remains the same or falls deeper into ruins. For Pat, these have been the cardinal points of his three terms in office and still remain his top priority as he intends to run for another term.

A lot of political office holders have come into office and left without any trace of their footsteps, some passed through and are like a shadow that vanished away, while some came to imprint their footsteps in the sands of time. Hon Pat is one of the very few who have sworn not to come into office primarily to satisfy their own selfish needs.

In his capacity as Chairman at Ports, Harbours & Waterways Committee, Nigeria Port Authority, Pat has sponsored the empowerment program where he empowered 200 people (100 men and 100 women) with skill acquisition program on liquid soap making, disinfectant, air freshner, perfume among other things.

In terms of health, he has worked really hard to make sure that his people are constantly in good health as according to him, health is wealth. As a medical doctor has the health of the people in his constituency in mind. He believes that no matter your status in the society, good health is paramount to a successful living.

Hon. Asadu

Annually, he embarks on a two-week free medical health where people from Nsukka/Igbo-Eze South federal constituency come for free medical test, free examination and free treatment, including any sickness or disease that requires operation, all operations were done for beneficiaries free of charge.

We can go on and on. His feats are simply unparalleled. The infrastructural sector of his people has equally received his touch. He is simply everywhere, a visible testament to the fact that he is the one whom the cap really fits.

Speaking recently during a visit to Nsukka, the leader said that he has come yet again to seek the support of his people to represent them again as he hopes to continue the good work he has always done for them.

“When I say give me an opportunity as one who has chaired the Ports and ad hoc committee, I believe that we shall get something bigger. I have done a lot even when I belong to the opposition in the house. If we are feeling anything, it is because they have allowed me to mature a little bit. I am part of making any leadership that will come in.

According to him, we are at a stage where we need to put our very best in everything we do. He said that in other parts of the country, parliamentarians are becoming more mature, deep in the process. And as a result, there is every need to for him to go back and bring his wealth of experience into play at the lower chamber.

“Basically what I did was to get PDP together to thank God for me for the entire journey so far and also to renew my pledge to the PDP family and by extention, to the owners of Nsukka and Igbo Eze South. I am part of the struggle enough to understand that there is work in progress and that if they feel that we could look at some bigger things at the national platform, it would be interesting. I have been there and I understand the dynamics. I have also been part of my people and I understand their every need. I believe that PDP”. He said.

“My thanking God is basically because the struggle in 2015 was a bitter struggle. But God was there for me. If by 2019 I am healthy and my people want me to go back to the house, I would not decline because with every passing day, I understand the dynamics of the process.  If they feel that I am no longer the person they need, I would freely support whoever is going to represent us because to me, what is more important is the peace , cohesion, love and brotherhood that is leading the Nsukka man forward.

Continuing, he said, “We have a governor who we must support. And not do anything that will put his interest in jeopardy. I have the experience and the capacity to run again and again. I do not see it as worth any quarrel. Democracy is about differences, about disagreement for the betterment of our people. I feel that God has taken every decision for us as mortals and so, everything we are doing as humans should not bring about quarrel. To me, Nsukka is worth celebrating”.

When asked if there are challenges he has faced so far, the law maker said “If there are constraints at all, then I feel it is the run up to the 2019 general election in the country. I thought that we had left Egypt. But there are still people who are on transit. That is why you see people who carry placards and say that somebody is not going to run for any election even when the constitution has not disqualified you in any way. I learnt in the University that once you are 18, you are automatically a Nigerian and that you have the right to vote and be voted for. Nobody stops you from aspiring to a political position”.

A cross section of Hon. Asadu’s supporters at the rally

He regretted that his own people are the ones that are fighting him in his bid to run again. “It hurts me to note that our people are still misbehaving which is why they would come to as far as Abuja to say that I can’t run again. In other states, we have people who are running for the 5th time, yet, the people are not saying anything. There are states where you have people who are running for the 4th time unopposed. Yet, you don’t hear them making noise. I used to think that part of problem why most people misbehave is because of poverty and lack of opportunities.

He attributed the demonstration by some youths in Nsukka, demanding him not to run for another term to a poverty of the mind and a lack of clear understanding of the political process.

“We really need to re-educate our people. What people are arguing about is shameful and embarrassing. It is not about me because they have made me popular. The press is a major instrument of change. We must try to educate people on certain issues about politics. I however must thank God that so far, we have not had any accident both on the side of my supporters and that of those who protest against me. I just pray that it will never result in any clash because it is so unheard of.

On his 4 term bid, the lawmaker said that he does not intend to make it a do or die affair as that is not the reason why he is coming out again “I shall present myself before the delegates on the 3rd of October, If I am chosen to represent my people again, I shall go and nobody will stop me. They tried to stop me in 2015 but It did not work”.

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