Comrade Ajibo: Dawn of a new era in Nsukka West

 Comrade Ajibo: Dawn of a new era in Nsukka West

By Favour Ben

For long, Nsukka West in Enugu State needed a man to reposition and shoot the area into limelight. After many years of fruitless searching, they have found one in Comrade Oliver Ajibo.

Comrade Ajibo reflects Mahatma Gandhi’s timeless comment “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Born in the picturesque Agro-rich town of Okutu, in Nsukka Local Government Area on August 1, 1967, Comrade Ajibo has a dream: To impact the world positively through selfless service.

Many years after, he has walked the talked. He has lived his life so far in selfless service to humanity. He has in the process carved a niche for himself as courageous fighter for the youths; a social crusader and a pillar of support for those in need.

To a seasoned reformist like him, real representation change, comes when a community itself, the best of itself, and when representation is honest and open, when there is exchange of ideas between the elected and his/her electorate, so that they can are governing themselves- only indirectly.

And this is the change that he is out to desire in Nsukka West Constituency. As a man who grew up among the people; he knows the deprivations and the common concerns of his people, which are common denominators for all the communities that make up the Nsukka West Constituency in Enugu State.

“I served in the Nigerian Navy for close to 21 years and then I left the Navy in 2004, so by 2005, I came down to participate in the political activities of my area. One of the major reasons I left the Navy was of course because I was eager to see how e can reposition my area in the scheme of things in Enugu State.”

Such has been Comrade Ajibo’s dream and undoubtedly fueled his aspiration to represent Nsukka West Constituency at the Enugu House of Assembly in 2019. His vison for the Constituency, if elected, summed up his selfless personality.

In the first place, Comrade Ajibo is strongly committed to turning around the area by optimally harnessing its rich agricultural endowments.

He said: “Nsukka West constituency falls within the rich agrarian belt of Enugu State. We have a great competitive edge among other areas in terms of the rich agricultural potentials of our constituency. To this end, I will vigorously pursue legislations that would further improve the quality of life our people through agriculture. We shall encourage new methods of farming without alienating what we already have. We shall seek an agricultural environment that would be attractive to the youths and less physical for our women.

“We shall see seek workable partnership with agencies, state and federal agricultural agencies to introduce better yielding varieties of crops that already do well in our communities. We shall encourage our people to take advantage of already existing agriculture funding and help facilitate access to such funding through a well Structural Agricultural Development department to be domiciled in our Constituency office.”

Aside shooting the agricultural sector to limelight in the Constituency, Comrade Ajibo is committed towards generation of employment opportunities for many unemployed youths in the area.

According to him, “I will reduce number of unemployed youths, unemployed people in Nsukka by championing and advancing practical and sensible policies that would open Nsukka to trade and press for the establishment of key infrastructure to open up our communities to opportunities. This will be a major priority on my agenda for the people of Nsukka West Constituency.

“I will support and create legislation that promote work programmes for our youths, the aim will be to offer targeted, personalized help to people seeking employment; create bonds between the public and private sectors to create employment opportunities; create various training programmes for the unemployed to further their skills & let them create their own wealth; create community work clubs, places where people looking for work can gather together to exchange skills, find opportunities, make useful contacts and provide mutual support.”

On creation of social services in the Constituency if elected, he said: “I will join hands with the Rt. Hon Ugwuanyi-led government to ensure adequate and effective social service delivery in the State and more particularly in Nsukka West. We shall join forces to make laws, that touch on health, education, social welfare and other people-oriented programmes that would enrich the lives of our people.”

Not done, Comrade Ajibo is also committed towards revamping the sports in the state and ensuring proper representation generally.

With a well-articulated vision and impressive track records, there is no doubt that Comrade Ajibo can spearhead a new dawn in Nsukka  West Constituency and provide the represention they have longed for  years.

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