’s leadership programme rebrands to spotlight marginalised women in Africa, Asia’s leadership programme rebrands to spotlight marginalised women in Africa, Asia

After 5 years of incubation at, She Creates Change, the flagship program with a legacy of championing the digital campaigning leadership of 400 women across the Global South, is spinning off into a new organisation – Nguvu Collective.

Nguvu is the Swahili word for power.

Nguvu Collective is founded by Preethi Herman, an Obama fellow, and Shalini Menon, a Stanford Ignite Fellow, the two women who pioneered She Creates Change in India in 2017.

Under their leadership, She Creates Change transformed from a program into a movement of emerging Change Leaders across Nigeria, Kenya, India and South Africa, mobilising over 12 million people to support thousands of campaigns on and leading to over 50 policy-level social impact victories. 

With the transition into Nguvu Collective, a team of 19 is geared towards scaling up the reach and deepening of impact of She Creates Change in partnership with 

“It is a new beginning for a tried and tested idea that is simple yet explosive. With She Creates Change, we witnessed time and again the transformation of an individual when they have access to skills, opportunities and a supportive network. In the last 5 years, they have created an impact on a range of systemic issues that will have a generational effect. Nguvu Collective’s mission is to unlock the power of thousands of emerging women leaders from marginalised communities to create large-scale, positive social impact.”, Nguvu Collective’s founder, Preethi Herman, said.

Recently, She Creates Change further developed ‘We Create Change’, an allied initiative that aims to achieve similar social transformation success across Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. Nguvu Collective will  build upon this groundbreaking vision so that the magic of these programs that was experienced by more than 400 women Change Leaders, is experienced by people everywhere.

“The initial success of these programs in Nigeria has been very promising. Emerging leaders are driving impact through campaigns on sanitation, menstrual hygiene, education, and women’s economic empowerment. A powerful campaign from one of our Change Leaders recently led to the formal recognition of indigenous languages in Nigerian primary schools. There is a huge opportunity for the incoming government to be engaging with civic leadership driven by women and youth who are driving social impact and changes in their community.” Weyinmi Eribo, Lead for Partnerships and Government Relations, Nigeria at Nguvu Collective said. 

In Nigeria, over the next two years, Nguvu Collective and will work closely to focus on building strong communities and local partnerships, and enhancing campaigning and advocacy skills of hundreds of leaders from marginalised communities. 

Ben Rattray,’s Founder and CEO said, “’s mission is to empower people everywhere to create change, and we are proud to be partnering with Nguvu Collective to realise that mission by supporting women leaders in marginalised communities across India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa with transformative leadership training. will continue to support the graduates of She Creates Change to increase their impact with tools to amplify their voice and mobilise their communities.”   

The partnership is set to induct 500 more Change Leaders into the changemaking movement by the end of 2023 and hundreds more next year.

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