‘Blackmailer after me and my family’ — media personality Ambrose Igboke raises alarm

 ‘Blackmailer after me and my family’ — media personality Ambrose Igboke raises alarm

Ambrose Igboke, the chairman of Enugu State Chapter of Public Affairs Analysts of Nigeria, has raised the alarm over threats from a blackmailer to his family.

In a statement sent to CRISPNG on Wednesday, the ace media personality said the yet-to-be-identified blackmailer threatened to kill him and members of his family if refuses to send money.

He said the blackmailer also vowed to paint him as a rapist on social media platforms.

Igboke said he remains unperturbed by the threats and called on the public and the media to join in the fight against the blackmailer.

Below is the full statement:


By Ambrose Igboke

A Blackmailer with telephone numbers 09132832733 (okpo man on Truecaller ID) and 09043546122 (WhatsApp line), has been blackmailing me since the 12th of March, 2023.

He threatened to kill me and my family members if I do not send him money. When I didn’t budge, he sent me a message stating that he will spread my pictures on social media and superimpose them with that of a child. These, he said, he will use to maliciously and falsely spread a wicked lie that I raped a 6-year-old girl, then paint me as a rapist.

In furtherance of his evil intent of blackmail, he sent me an account number to pay into. The account number is 7060710004, an account with Palmpay. A search revealed that the account owner is one SIMON CHIKA OKORO.

I wish to use this medium to state emphatically that the Blackmailer, with his malicious lies against my person, will not be allowed to stand. I have, therefore, gone ahead to publish this for you to disregard any malicious information you may see against my person. I have worked hard as a responsible citizen and passionate Nigerian. I will not sit idle and watch a malicious and evil Blackmailer destroy my reputation.

I will not be held captive by any blackmailer. I say No to blackmail. I urge you my friends to use your contacts, media reach and social media handles to spread this message. We must work to collectively fight back Blackmailers whose stock in trade is to instill fear, extort money and damage the hard earned reputation of decent members of the society.



Below are screenshots of messages from the blackmailer:


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