Be seen, don’t play wife … 9 relationship rules every lady should know

 Be seen, don’t play wife … 9 relationship rules every lady should know

By Euphemia Nwele

No guy should be aware that you are aware of what you are about to read.

There are principles that when you know, any man who comes around you would fall in love with you. These rules are not religious theories but they’ve proven to be effective overtime.

There are things you do not do if you want a man to come after you and stay. These rules apply to the meeting stage, wooing stage, relationship stage and marriage.

  1. Be seen: Even though you are the most beautiful girl on planet earth you will still be single until a man sees you. You will not get the problem of finding the right guy solved by staying at home reading novels or Bibles.

You shouldn’t hide yourself in your closet, get involved in things, in services especially things that involves serving like ushering (anywhere, or choir(in church), volunteer to do things. Go to places as long as ladies are allowed in, be there.

Go for that hang out, go to that football game, to that friendly party, to occasions. Getting out there gives you the opportunity to be approached.
No matter how good your product is, if you do not market it, you will not make sales.

  1. Package yourself: Men fall in love with what they see. Why do you think that it is always girls with cute fashionable sense and cute jeans that get the guys? Even pastors now do not go for anyhow women – their wives are always looking good and enviable. Cute girls always get the guys, it is not about beauty but about packaging. Make your hair, get a manicure, get new clothes, get a good colone (if you do not know where to get them hit me up on my Instagram handle at the end of this post for ideas) to leave an unforgettable scent when you walk past people.
  2. Do not give too much: The way guys are quick to fall in love is the same way they are quick to fall out of love. When you spoil a man he leaves you to marry another. Don’t cook for him, nor clean and wash for him. He was able to do it on his own before and as long as you are not yet married to him be slow, do not give in your all.
  3. Don’t play wife: Do not be his house girl, you can do it for anyone – friends but not for the one you want to marry.
  4. Take him to people you respect: This rule is important because it helps you know unserious guys. Take him to people you respect, get him to meet them, your mom or guardian, mentor or friend before saying yes! Tell him you love him and would want to stay or marry him but there are people he must meet first, people whose opinions must come into this first. That way he would respect you, and if he was only playing with you, he would walk out of the door as quickly as he came in.
  5. Be honest but Mysterious: Up until commitment, do not blurt out information about your past relationships or parents to him. Do not go telling a man you want to marry how bad your parents are, you are only giving him a weapon to use against you tomorrow. Always respect your parents no matter what in the eye of whoever you date. Promote them and show you love them. If you are asked how many guys you’ve slept with, tell him you will rather not talk about it, if he loves you he would respect your decision if he doesn’t he would make a big deal out of it, so it is a way to know. Be honest but do not say what you will regret, after the ring comes on the finger then you sit him down and you two can talk about these things.
  1. Do not mention marriage: We know marriage is the aim but do not make him feel you are desperate by talking about marriage or children.
    Pretend you do not care about these things, it is a law of getting a man to propose do not make him feel you are interested in marriage, if you do he would feel oh! I can get away with anything. I can do anything if I promise her marriage. If you look closely it is those guys you do not want to marry or you do not like that keeps chasing you because you subconsciously apply these rules in the way you treat them.
  2. Never leave your things in his house: Even when you do not sleep over, never do it. Even after marriage have a room of your own where you keep your things.
    It is not if he hangs his boxers you will in turn hang your panties or lingerie. Do not invade his privacy this way, hid your stuffs so he would keep wanting to see them.
  3. Always be the first to drop the phone: Leave him wanting more of you, let him leave not getting too much of you. End the call first but in a nice way, look for something you need to finish up or do. Leave the date early. Tell him you can see him but can only spend two hours with him, do not always return his calls, for every three missed calls, call once.

These rules and principles are things that work, but remember not to overdo things, always be polite even as you execute these rules. Do not be aggressive or rude.

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