BBTitans: Nine housemates survive first eviction scare

 BBTitans: Nine housemates survive first eviction scare

It’s already been a week since the BBTitans launch weekend. The 24 housemates have entertained millions of viewers across Africa in the past seven days.

The show initially kicked off with 20 housemates. However, in a twist at the pool party on Thursday, Big Brother surprised the housemates by inviting four more guests to join them on the show. Sandra, Miracle OP, Theo Traw, and Blue Aiva walked into the house dressed like Ninjas and carrying trays of snacks, only to reveal themselves as new housemates.

For the season’s second live show, Ebuka and Lawrence took the stage, chatting with the new housemates and bringing good news to the viewers. They shared that the first live eviction show would see everyone safe and ready to enjoy another week in Biggie’s house. However, the housemates were in the dark, causing tension during the live show. Blaq boi, Jay Pee, Jenni O, Justin, Khosi, Nana, Olivia, Yaya, and Yemi Cregx were all nominated this week.

Ebuka and Lawrence also conversed with a few housemates. The first chat was with Mmeli, the first Big Brother Titans head of the house, whom Ebuka congratulated and asked how it felt to be the first HOH of any Big Brother Titans season. Mmeli replied, “Honestly, I feel bad because I am becoming a blueprint. But I hope others will learn from me and be better leaders.”

Moving on, Ebuka also reminded Yvonne of her statement earlier in the week, where she said that she wasn’t in the house to make friends. In response to the question, Yvonne stated, “Ebuka, it is a game. I am not here to make friends. I will try to make the connections I can, but I am not here to make friends.”

Ebuka and Lawrence spoke with the new housemates, and we learned that Theo Thraw is drawn towards Olivia in the house while Blue Aiva said she wants to discover everything about Nigerian music, culture, and dance, and she believes Yemi Cregx would do a great job teaching her. We also found out that Sandra received some ‘off vibes’ from Khosi and that Miracle plays nine sports.

Ebuka also announced to the viewing audience that there would be a twist right after the live shows, and he was spot on. Big Brother separated the house by gender and had each group play different games. He ranked the winners of the various games on a scale of 1 to 12.

Biggie challenged the female housemates to wrap a ribbon around a white pipe, and he crowned the fastest to complete the task best within 30 minutes as the winner. The game began, and Nelisa came out on top with Jaypee closely behind after Biggie assessed her to be the fastest to complete the task most correctly.

Biggie also asked the male housemates to make a replica of a chicken puzzle. Buttons were outlining the painted animal on white fabric, and the men had to recreate that on their boards to look identical to Biggie’s board. They had 30 minutes to pull it together. Thabang won the challenge after Big Brother determined that he had finished the fastest and with the most accuracy.

Biggie then introduced a new gameplay where he paired the housemates (male and female), and from different nationalities with their respective partners. He paired every male South African housemate with a female Nigerian housemate and vice versa. In a typical “sink or swim” situation, whatever happens to one partner affects the other. They will both share evictions, strikes, and even disqualifications – making each housemate accountable for the other who they have been paired with.

Thabang got paired with Nana, Nelisa with Yemi Cregx, Juicy Jay with Olivia, and Jaypee with Lucay. Justin is Yvonne’s partner, Tsatsii partners Ebubu, Kanaga Jnr partners Blue Aiva, Yaya’s partner is Marvin, Mmeli partners Jenny O, Sandra partners Theo, BlaqBoi partners Ipeleng while Miracle partners Khosi.

The 24 housemates are all still vying for the grand prize, as no one got evicted on Sunday. The BBTitans season 1 edition winner will walk away with a whopping $100,000 prize.

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