BBTitans: Kanaga Jnr, Blue Aiva named week 3 HoH, 10 housemates up for eviction

 BBTitans: Kanaga Jnr, Blue Aiva named week 3 HoH, 10 housemates up for eviction

A new week, a new head of house challenge and the battle to win the most coveted title. Per Biggie’s rules, last week’s HOH, Team Blaqleng, were not eligible to participate in this week’s challenge, and the worst performing pair, as determined by Big Brother, would bear the Tail of House title.

However, before the games, Big Brother warned Yemi Cregx, Lukay, Mmeli, and Justin for not taking the Tail of House’s punishment seriously.

Getting down to business, all the housemates except Team Blaqleng participated in the first round, titled the Egg Toss, where the paired contestants played either the role of the thrower or a catcher. After each successful throw and catch, the distance between the thrower and catcher increased with either person taking a step back. They were not allowed to lurch forward or go over the line to throw or catch the egg nor throw the eggs while affecting the person next to them.

However, it was game over for contestants whose eggs fell, cracked or broke, and only the top two with their eggs intact went through to the final round. After some minutes of tense throwing and catching, Teams Jakay and Kanana emerged as the qualified contestants for the second round.

For the second game, Biggie prepared a bowl of sweets where each pair of both teams must move as many candies as possible from Point A to B within 60 seconds. With each member on the opposite end of each liquorice, they had to use their mouth to move one sweet at a time without breaking it.

If the sweet is broken or dropped, it must be forfeited. The pairs could not proceed without their partner’s mouth touching the sweets. They were also not to touch any part of the liquorice with their hands.

After another round of intense competition, Team Kaniva (Blue Aiva and Kanaga Jnr) won the third Head of House challenge, becoming co-heads. Both housemates are immune from the week’s nominations and evictions and have access to the HOH bedroom and the power to save and replace.

On the other end, Team Yelisa (Yemi Cregz and Nelisa) emerged as the Tail of House again alongside Team Juvone (Justin and Yvonne).

With the exit of Team SanTheo, the pressure is building, and the housemates are feeling the heat. For the live nominations, the housemates chose those they wanted to leave the house next. Teams BlaqLeng, Khosicle, Thabana, Yelisa and JayKay emerged as the most nominated housemates for possible eviction next Sunday. However, the Heads of the House, Kaniva, saved Yelisa and replaced them with Team Maya (Marvin and Yaya) through their veto power.

Voting opens at 10 pm on Monday and closes on Thursday at 9 pm. Fans can vote for their favourite pairs using the MyDStv or MyGOtv app or via mobile or website. Votes on the apps are dependent on your DStv subscription package, while everyone gets 100 votes on the mobile or website.

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