8 direct download links for your favourite Money Heist season 4

 8 direct download links for your favourite Money Heist season 4

By Victor Akuma

The raving Money Heist season 4 is out for free download.

The movie has been making waves on various social media platforms lately with high expectations from different polls on how the crew survived and of course, their next plan of action.

The trailer before the actual release of the movie has showed that there are some notable faces featured in the season, among them is the sensational PSG forward and former FC Barcelona player, Neymar Jr.

It is expected that this season will be a bomb compared to the previous ones released.

However, there have also been arguments by persons that the season better be as interesting as expected and not after much hype, it comes out to be a mess. Well, we believe it doesn’t turnout like that.

The season 4 is also believed to be the last season.

Below are episode by episode direct links

1. https://storage.waploaded.com/videos/%5BWaploaded_49%5DMoney_Heist_S04_E01_-_Game_over.mp4
2. https://storage.waploaded.com/videos/%5BWaploaded_50%5DMoney_Heist_S04_E2_-_La_boda_de_Berln.mp4
3. https://storage.waploaded.com/videos/%5BWaploaded_51%5DMoney_Heist_S04_E03_-_Leccin_de_anatoma.mp4
4. https://storage.waploaded.com/videos/%5BWaploaded_52%5DMoney_Heist_S04_E04_-_Suspiros_de_Espaa.mp4
5. https://storage.waploaded.com/videos/%5BWaploaded_53%5DMoney_Heist_S04_E05_-_5_minutos_antes.mp4
6. https://storage.waploaded.com/videos/%5BWaploaded_54%5DMoney_Heist_S04_E06.mp4
7. https://storage.waploaded.com/videos/%5BWaploaded_55%5DMoney_Heist_S04_E07.mp4
8. https://storage.waploaded.com/videos/%5BWaploaded_56%5DMoney_Heist_S04_E08_-_Plan_Pars.mp4

The season has a total of eight (8) episodes, download and enjoy.

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