SPOTLIGHT: Chigbu Joshua, the Nigerian artist who gained fame after drawing TB Joshua

 SPOTLIGHT: Chigbu Joshua, the Nigerian artist who gained fame after drawing TB Joshua

Chigbu Joshua, a talented artist, took a leap of faith in 2019 by showcasing his artwork online with hopes of gaining recognition and earning a living through his passion. Despite producing numerous captivating pieces, including depictions of trending celebrities and original creative works, none of them managed to go viral. 

His frustrations over the inability of his creations to reach a wider audience led him to a six-month hiatus from drawing, relying solely on reposting previous works.

It wasn’t until 2021, following the passing of the revered Prophet TB Joshua, that Chigbu found inspiration to once again pick up his tools. Reluctant at first, he decided to create a portrait of the late Prophet, anticipating that it wouldn’t gain much attention either. Little did he know that this particular piece would serve as a turning point in his artistic journey.

Upon unveiling his portrait of Prophet TB Joshua, Chigbu witnessed an unprecedented surge in attention. The artwork sparked an immense wave across the internet, traversing various platforms such as Facebook, and Instagram, and even making its way onto television. The unexpected recognition propelled Chigbu’s online presence, garnering a significant increase in his follower count from 30K to an astounding 250K.

Reflecting on his journey, Chigbu expressed via his Facebook page, “I remember back then in 2019 when I opened this page and started posting my drawings here to get recognized online. If you’re a content creator here, you’ll understand the pain of creating something for the public only for it not to reach them. But then, drawing this man got me what I was looking for.”

As of today 23rd January 2024, Joshua has 1.4 million followers on Facebook and more than 500,000 likes on the portrait picture of TB Joshua who engineered his fame. 

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The impact of this one portrait not only validated Chigbu’s talents but also provided him with the platform and exposure he had been yearning for. In the end, it wasn’t just a drawing; it was a testament to Chigbu’s resilience and unwavering dedication to his craft.

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