Yahoo boys or ritualists?

 Yahoo boys or ritualists?

By Gabriel Agbo

The current trend of discovering abandoned corpses on our streets and drainage everyday is indeed very worrisome.  If it is not a bagged body, it will be dismembered parts, raped corpses with missing underwear or bodies with all the private parts, eyes, tongues, wrists, hearts or bowels carefully removed.

Then, I hope you also read about young ladies left deformed or showing signs of madness after sleeping with these men or some exotic cars throwing them off very early or late at night. The other day I watched a lady narrating how she became very ill and was about to die after sleeping with one of those ‘big boys’.

She was recruited by another lady friend now suspected to be working for the yahoo guy. She lures people that he uses for sacrifice. He sleeps with them and that will be their end. They must die. It took very special divine intervention for her to be delivered because maggots were already coming out from her body.

There are so much diabolical activities around us today and it is not a coincidence that they are happening when there is a resurgence of the activities of the get-rich-quick ritualists and fraudsters know as the yahoo or yahoo plus boys.

Yes, to the ignorant, they tell you that they are just yahoo boys that write letters to the gullible white people and they will begin to send all their dollars to them. Stories! I think we know better today.

These guys go into very powerful satanic rituals that involve using humans for sacrifice. They are into high level occultism. And the worse is that they are even ready to use their relations, parents, closest friends to achieve this. What they just want is money, money and more money.

They have totally sold their souls to the devil just because of worldly wealth, fame and position. Human rituals for money are not new but what baffles me is the current unbridled interest of our young men and women in this satanic activity.

I know one that I keep asking how and when did he get his money. He was born in the 90’s, he didn’t further his education, he did not hit any big business or play football, but today, he buys properties of hundreds of millions, rides and dashes out choice cars. Up till now, nobody, even his relations cannot point to where and how he made that kind of money. And he moves with security escorts. There are many of them today.

You will see a guy or lady with virtually no visible source of income building mansions, riding latest cars and jeeps, visiting the best clubs, donating and throwing money around as if he fetches it from the stream behind his house. Just look around, you will find them all over the place.

Some use part of the evil wealth to build hotels, clubs and go into politics, etc, but they will still continue with their rituals, stealing and satanic activities to get more or sustain what they have. Yes, they love building hotels because it provides them with the secured environment to lure and strangle their victims, and also to live the lascivious life they love so much.

I remember, in the early 90’s we were seeing them with great show of opulence: cars, estates, spraying of money, convoys and escorts, influential friends and titles and they were telling us they were doing fraud letters until events began to reveal their real sources. Human sacrifices!

Now, why would somebody not work hard, wait and trust God to bless him? Why would you kill and dismember another human being just to make dirty money? I don’t think it’s worth it.

Please, how long are you going to live here? Nothing in this life is worth committing murder or selling your soul for. True. I think Jesus said it too. Just think back. Where are those people that built empires this way in the 70s and 80s? Where are they? Where are their businesses and political empires? In fact, how are their children today?

All these worldly possessions are vanity. Naked we came and naked we must go back. To me the most foolish thing anybody will do is to destroy another person because of things of this world that are very temporal. For sure, you will leave all those buildings, cars, businesses, beautiful women, titles, praise singers, family and friends and go back to your maker empty handed. And you will stand alone to give account of what you have done.

All those you killed, all the blood you spilled will stand before you in judgement and it will be soon – sooner than you think. As I write this a very rich man around us just passed on. He has everything that life can afford. I will watch to see what possessions he will be buried with. Be wise! We will continue next week.

Rev Gabriel Agbo is the author of the book Power of Midnight Prayer. Tel: 08037113283. E-mail: [email protected] Website:

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