YAGIR exists to rewire the minds of young ones – Chioma Nnanna, founder

 YAGIR exists to rewire the minds of young ones – Chioma Nnanna, founder

YAGIR’s founder – Chioma

“Have you had real heartfelt conversations with teenagers recently? You’ll be shocked at what they are exposed to and the mindset many of them have due to negative influences in society, even from the home unit.”

And remember that these are highly impressionable young people.

This is why YAGIR exists- to rewire the minds of these young ones, especially from low income communities.

Last month, the YAGIR IMO team— Nmesoma Anujulu , Onyejelube Blessing , Omeihebierechi Ilojiole , Onyema Blessing, Nkiru Ndubuisi Agomuo, Chikeluba Sindy, Anthony Chukwubuikem Madumere , Okeke Makuochukwu, led by its founder Chioma Nnanna —successfully visited Ihiagwa Secondary School for our YAGIR secondary school outreach empowering students with important life skills not covered by the formal education curriculum and donated personal development books to the school library to promote #SDG4.

YAGIR is a non-profit organization founded by Chioma Nnanna, that provides teenagers with mentorship on a wide variety of topics and real issues that affect teenagers through unconventional education.

Our discussions feature:

– Preparation for life after school

– Guide on Career choice/ Course to study in the university

– Success stories of young people

– Affirmations

– Financial literacy

– Self esteem and confidence building

– Building relationships

– Leadership and social impact

– Skills

– Tips to academic excellence

In 3 years, we’ve over impacted over 2,100 students directly in 7 secondary schools in 3 geopolitical zones in Nigeria, working with over 20 volunteers.

When we were done speaking to the students of Ihiagwa Secondary School, one of the teachers who had stayed all through was full of praises. He said they’ve had different organisations visit their school to speak to the students, but this was the best and the students echoed loud yeses.


He was so happy about the various issues we raised and discussed, and in his words- ” I’m sure today has impacted lives. Thank you so much for coming, YAGIR.” Due to the impressive impact our visit had, we’ve been asked to have another YAGIR outreach in the school. 🔥🔥🔥

By the time we took feedback, hearing the students share what they had learnt, we knew we had achieved what we came for.

You see, YAGIR’s name is a literal representation of our goal- we want young people to get it right early.

One thing that drives me is I don’t want young people repeating mistakes I’ve made. I want to also be able to share things I did that gave me an edge and made my journey to where I am happen so quickly. I know that there’s a young person who will make better choices thanks to what I’m doing. That’s enough reward for me.

These are things I wish someone had told me earlier. So, I share them to teenagers now.

■ YAGIR is currently working on our official book that will printed soon and used for subsequent school outreaches. It is titled HIGHER IS CALLING. The goal is to distribute it to one million teenage Africans.

Our mission: To provide trainings and books on personal development, entrepreneurship and other life skills that formal education curriculum do not cover for teenagers.

How did YAGIR start? I’ve always been passionate about inspiring young people, so I live a life worth modelling, a life that would be a message on its own. As a young person too, I understand that more than what we hear, what influences us is what we see. So, based on being a good role model and my inspiring life journey, I got invited by my alma mater.

In Lagos, I had the first edition in my secondary school- The African Church Model College where I was invited to speak to the SS3 students only. But after I spoke, the teachers insisted that other students needed to hear what I had shared. I was asked to speak to every student from JSS1-SS3, that is over 600 secondary school students. For me, the most fulfilling aspect was the feedback I received from students.

So, I decided to do it again. This time, I reached out to secondary schools. With my team, we spent hours talking to a class of SS3 students listening attentively to us. The question and answer session? Oh my goodness! We got anonymous questions and we just knew more young people needed us.

A teacher from another school saw pictures of our school outreach and asked if we would come to his school. Going there cost us a lot of sacrifices but what is too much for the next generation? It was absolutely worth it. We had more volunteers join us and at a point, while I had the students repeat words of affirmation, it was like the room was electrified. I can never forget that moment. We had rewired minds.

Then we came to Port Harcourt and visited 3 schools, directly impacting over 1,000 students. Our PH team told our individual stories, our backgrounds, our exploits, our challenges, our journey.

Then, we came to Imo state for the 7th edition of our YAGIR secondary school. We had the highest number of volunteers show up and show out! And for the first time, we finally did something we’ve been looking forward to, we donated books to the school library.

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We are happy that YOUNG AND GETTING IT RIGHT (YAGIR) has impacted over 2,100 students directly in 7 secondary schools during Lagos, Port Harcourt and Imo editions. This is our contribution as proud #SDG4 advocates.

What state are we visiting next? What school will host us next?

PS: For enquiries, sponsorship, book donations or to include your school: [email protected]

– The world is our stage 🌎


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