Why you should never mock people’s disabilities …Chronicles of a blind Nigerian (15)

 Why you should never mock people’s disabilities …Chronicles of a blind Nigerian (15)


By Ademola Adeleke

Shey they say karma is a bitch, right? Well, it truly is, as evident in this story I’m going to share with you. Please read digestibly.

Few years ago, I had my eyes functioning actively in their sockets. I could see so clearly to the extent of recognizing the colour of a flying aircraft. As if it was God’s test on me, I had some encounters with two blind persons and anytime I remember the way I treated them, I’m always convinced that my attitude to them might have caused my blindness.

The first person is an old blind man. He, now late, was the father of my father (my paternal grandfather). I don’t know what was wrong with me, but I detested him so much; not because of his grey hair or wrinkled face, but cause of his blindness.

Anytime I looked at him, I felt so disgusted, especially whenever he was tapping the ground with his guide-stick in order to find his way. Wicked me, I was so heartless that even when he was heading toward a pit, I would only fold my arms and enjoy the scene.

The height of my insensitivity is one thing I usually do to him but which my parents never knew about. Whenever my mum finished serving food in the kitchen, she would call me to bring my grandfather’s to him in his room. But because it was an errand I hated running and might be punished if I declined, I would open the old man’s door, drop the food on the floor and slide it to where he was seated. Like, I wouldn’t near him at all.

I wonder why he never reported me to his son till the day he went underneath the earth. May his soul rest in peace. I just hope he would forgive me. And the second person? My brother’s girlfriend. She’s visually impaired. When my brother brought her home and presented her to my mum as his fiancee, I personally, in spite of not having the power to decide in the family, was against their union. My mum whom could have kicked against her son marrying a blind lady didn’t do anything of such, instead, she only reminded my brother of the potential responsibilities he should be ready for and gave him her motherly support.

As for me, I was so bitter inside like I imbibed a crate of Alomo bitters. How could this dumb guy, a fine boy for that matter, fall in love with a blind girl? I would soliloquize. And finally, on one of her visits to the house, I got my chance of showing her a piece of my disapproval.

Shortly after her arrival that day, my brother received an emergency call and had to rush out to get something. He promised not to stay for long and so tasked me with his girl’s comfortability.

Me? Keep a blind girl company? #Dorh. I nodded to his request though but trust the devilish me na, it was only a pretence. Minutes lapsed and I was still sitting with her in the living-room, no conversation, no discussion. Then suddenly, she called my name and asked where the toilet was, guess she was pressed; but I didn’t answer her. She called again and again and again before the little good in me finally prompted me to answer. And when I eventually agreed to take her to the toilet, I held her by the shoulder and not wrist, making her to stumble over as many obstacles as possible on the way.

Of course, she complained to my brother when he came back and that one also reported me to our mum. But who cares? Even on their wedding day, I didn’t show my face at all.

And today, I’m a 27-year-old guy who has also lost his sight. As if that’s not enough, my girlfriend’s folks are so against their girl marrying a blind guy. I can’t even step foot into her house because she had warned me of the embarrassment I would face from her family if I dare did. She loves me, yes I know, but what do I do about her folks’ disapproval?

Karma, I sight you!

Hey, I’m just a narrator; the story is told by a blind colleague.


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