Why you need criticism to grow…My Lamba diary (13)

 Why you need criticism to grow…My Lamba diary (13)

By Ikenna Amadi

‘I like criticism. It makes you strong’ Lebron James

In life, not everyone understands the essence of criticism and how to work them into strength.

People take criticisms in an unfortunate way and allow it dampen their spirits and morale.

To successful people, criticisms are tonics that boosts their strength, giving them a pulsating vigour to keep pushing.

There is no man on earth that will not face criticisms, they come because you are living. They are mainstays and it is how we accept them that matters.

Acceptance of criticism spurs you on because you can never be perfect and it shows your true essence.

However, not all criticisms are helpful. Some are to spur you on, while others are to destroy your ego and bring you down. How we treat these varying forms of criticism matters.

Those criticisms that are set to bring you down, should not be given a pinch of salt of attention, because when given a thought,  would hurt and destroy your confidence level. Rather, you smile and move on.

When people see that their criticisms aren’t getting to you, they have no choice but to shut up and watch you progress.

Criticisms are tonic to strength, if handled well and always remember that if nobody talks about you, then you are pratically not in existence.

Think about it.


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