Why Ukelle must rise above personal interest

 Why Ukelle must rise above personal interest

By Lukpata James

UKelle Nation constitutes Yala II State constituency and it was a defunct development centre in1979 with headquarters at Wanokom.

UKelle is synonymous with hospitality, they are known for their bravity, hard-smart work, humility and wisdom-oriented.

But what is worrisome is the act of betrayal soaring higher among some ‘LEADERS’ that are supposed to be the torch bearers to the entire UKelle progress.

Having produced the first paramount ruler of Yala Local Government Area, the people are still lagging behind in terms of government presence and real growth as human and capital developments still remain at their lower ebb despite that fact that the region has produced the chairman civil service commission, commissioners for works, environment rural development and culture,New city development, Economic and youth Empowerment, PDP deputy part chairman in the statete among others.

It will interest you to know that over the years, the region and its inhabitants have been deceived by successive governments of Cross River State including their own sons and daughters that are supposed to fight and protect the interest of the  masses and the region due to personal ambition, greed and self ego.

Like the age-long saying that a house that divided against itself shall surely fall… UKelle has remained stagnated owing to personal ambition, betrayal and quest for personal aggrandizement.

In the words of Christopher Okigbo “how many million promises will ever fill the hunter’s basket”? Since UKelle has never seen any of her numerous promises from both past and present government redeemed as evident from the poor state of roads across the length and bredth of UKELLE particularly.

Quest for illicit gains, personal interest and betrayal has deepen in recent times as some prominent UKelle personalities have come openly to campaign against the interest of Ukelle by supporting Dr Steve Odey from Yala 1 constituency against Chief Mrs Martina Odom from Ukelle the Yala II State constituency in the forthcoming Cross River Northern Senatorial bye-election as there at indications for them to contest the 2023 House of Representatives election.

Unity is strength, Ukelle must work tooth and nail collectively to resolve her differences by making Ukelle one United and indivisible entity thereby placing the interest of Ukelle above personal ambition.

All hands must be on deck to fast track this process with common interest,commitment and focus devoid of sentiments from any quartets.

May God bless Ukelle nation!

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