Why some Nigerian youths live miserably

 Why some Nigerian youths live miserably

By Anieke Joy

It baffles me when we I see promising Nigerian youths neglecting their God’s given talents, to struggle in areas, mostly unrelated to their passion.

According to Longman Dictionary, talent is a natural ability to do something well. Talents are those things you do passionately without compulsion‎. This definition suggests that there is an inherent unique ability (talent) within everyone to contribute positively to the world. It is however unfortunate seeing many Nigerian youths making expression such as “I don’t have any talent”. From great culinary ability, to natural insight of making people laugh, counselling, teaching among others; talents take different forms and dimensions.

How can you therefore be without at least, a talent?

The challenge with many youths is their inability to discover themselves. Self-discovery is the greatest step to greatness. Talents, when discovered and properly utilized, can take you to a height you never dreamt of. Talent is inherent it’s something that will never fail even when acquired skills fail. Talent defines a man, which means someone who has not discovered his or her talent is like a sheep without a shepherd because he/she is moving without a direction.

Ben Carson in his book “Think Big” gave a useful admonition when he said that the importance of discovering one’s talent cannot be over emphasized and that it’s not just enough to only discover your talents rather you should recognize your talents, use them appropriately and choose a field that uses those talents, you will rise to the top of your field.

The challenge with many Nigerian youths is their inability to discover themselves. Self-discovery is the greatest step to greatness.

Listen, don’t sit back and conclude you have failed even when there’s something inside of you wasting. No talent is big or small, they are all important. Moreover, it becomes big or small depending on how you use it. ‎Remember great men are known for what they can do, you are not exceptional. You can be great if you want, all you need do is discover your talent today and harness it properly. With that, the sky will be your starting point.


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