Why our children deserve better

 Why our children deserve better

By Chinecherem Stephens

Growing up in any environment within a society, one unconsciously learns and adopts a life style pattern. Even though there might have been no deep thoughts about an issue, the normal trend is to do what has always been done.

Growing up, our mothers served our fathers food first. The largest portion was theirs to eat and the chunk of meat they got served with were the biggest. In fact, it was considered an insult to serve a man a meal without meat in it. The children had to share whatever size of meat their mother considered good enough for them.

What ever food that is available, the adults get the best share and the young ones are left with the leftover or nothing. Science has however proven that the nutritional need of children are greater than adults.

The reason that children need relatively more protein than adults is because of the protein requirement for growth. Children are growing and accumulating extra lean tissue so the amount of protein in their bodies is increasing as they get bigger. Children therefore need to eat enough protein not only to replace their obligatory losses and keep them in protein (nitrogen) balance but also enough to allow for extra protein to accumulate in tissues and organs as they grow. This greater need is not just in protein based foods but for all classes of food.

In our religious organization, we are warmed with the massive structure put in place for our gatherings and the intimidating sitting capacities of our worship centres. We are determined at all cost to make it world class standard. The children section however lie in sharp contrast with what the adults have even within the same environment. Plans for them come as afterthoughts.

They are never in the main budget or plan of things. They are often packed in tight, unconducive halls with little or no source of air and with very little supervision. In nearly all spheres, children are left on the sideline.

One could sincerely argue that since the adults are the source of the funds, they deserve better. However, if this pattern is right, why then do lots of adults have regrets of deprivation when they were kids. The sad reality is that somehow, we let this trend continue, unchecked and unattended to.

From the North to the South, East to the West, I am yet to see a child who asked to be born. Every child is the product of an adult’s decision. Since they (the children) came forth when they were called on, they are to be treated like guests. We all know how guests are attended to. They deserve better. They deserve the best.

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