Why Nigeria needs a revolution

 Why Nigeria needs a revolution

By Kolade Joseph

Don’t be dead scared, stone-colded and run out of breath yet because of the word “REVOLUTION”. Just wait a minute.

Let me ease your tension with the literary meaning of the word REVOLUTION before I proceed to justify why Nigeria needs a Revolution and the exact kind of Revolution I think Nigeria needs.

Here it comes, revolution is a drastic and far-reaching change of thinking and behaving. in other words, attitudinal change.

Politically, a revolution (Latin: revolutio, “a turn around”) is a fundamental and relatively sudden change in political power and political organization which occurs when the population revolts against the government, typically due to perceived oppression (political, social, economic) or political incompetence.

Essentially, I strongly believe we need the former to come by the later.

Yea! It’s another October 1st again. The day we usually recounte and ruminate on how we got it wrong as a nation. Just like play, Nigeria is 60!

Our hearts are heavy, bitter and down whenever we remember how the labour of our past heroes and heroines  is yet to yield desired results and no traces of such in short distance time. What a calamity!

Chinua Achebe, the Author of “All Things Fall Apart” never thought it will be this bad, I guess.

Everywhere, everyday, lamentations, oppression, depression, retrogression, and deprivation in the nation.

Wande Coal “Shey na like this it go dey dey”. What do we need as a people. If there is anything Nigerians need, is a REVOLUTION. a change in our ways of thinking and behaving.

The present government came to power offering Nigerians a REVOLUTION “change” and Nigerians fell to every deceits attached with.

Now, is Nigeria better than 2015?

How is our education, security, infrastructure, has Nigeria been industrialized? And are there more employment opportunities now than ever?

Well, I wouldn’t waste my time enlisting the change the present administration has ushered in, you know them.

Hello Nigerians, check some reasons I think Nigeria needs a revolution.

Nigeria need a REVOLUTION to ensure a system that works. A receptive democratic system that accommodates and respects fundamental Human Rights.

Where there will be freedom of speech, press, association and respect for human life.

Nigeria needs a revolution that simply implies attitudinal change of leaders and leadership redefinition.

I mean leaders that lead by example in a government of the people, by the

people, and for the people in real sense of it.

Nigeria needs a Revolution that simply expresses youths in governance, youths empowerment and employment. A change that will ease unemployment, crime, insecurity and hopeless situation of citizens.

A revolution that encompasses equal rights, check and balance among the Arms of government. A revolution that redefines Judiciary, legislature and Executive with their true meaning.

A mental revolution that opens masses eyes to the fact that power belong to them.

A system that accommodates peaceful protests against unsafe government policies.

A revolution that stress the importance and respect of rule of law.

Nigeria needs a democratic revolution that will revolt against corruption, injustice, tyranny and oppressive leadership in all facets.

A system that will not commercialised education, health-care. A system that will place high priority on agriculture, infrastructure and people’s welfare.

Nigeria needs a violent free revolution for a democracy that’s defined by election, not selection.

Above all, Nigeria needs a revolution that offers a life support system for everyone without discrimination.

The responsibility that rest on every patriotic citizens, especially on the shoulder of the youths.

This kind of revolution is democratic, legal and easy to come by when people are sensitized, united, determined and patriotic.

Nigeria will be great. God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria. @koladegospel.

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