Why love is a trend

 Why love is a trend

By Nwele Euphemia

In our society today, the youths spend so much time on the internet for different reasons and they see various trends pop up as they are busy on their social media outlet or the internet.

Trends change overtime in the society and on the internet, but one consistent trend that we see every day is love.

Love is everywhere you turn to on the internet, its either you see this couple, a love show, a couple prank or problem and so much more. The music we listen to talks about love, the movies we see portray love, down to the conversations and discussions we engage in, still talks about love.

If love was a human being it would have to be the most popular human on earth, I bet love would be suffocated by the number of persons that wants to get a hold of him/her. Love would have no breaks or holidays because if she/he does the world would go dark for that duration.

Everyone wants to experience love or true love even, even the hardest shelled people sometime wish they have this thing called love. I guess it is a good thing that love isn’t human, it would lose its value if at all it was and it would not be dependable.

We all need love in our life because there is a need to understand the feeling called love and what it feels like to be loved, everyone somehow wants to have someone be responsible for them – it is true that no one is responsibly for you other than yourself, but, people want to be taken care of, they want to receive that which they give out.

Love is a trend because everyone wants to be able to share their joy, pain and everything with, someone who they can trust and spill out their secrets to with no judgement. People want to be able to trust and care for a person, they want to have someone who values them for who they are. Someone who sees their flaws and works through it with them.

No one is perfect but love makes people look perfect, when you are in love you see your lover as perfect and endearing, flawless and beautiful. Even when others cannot see what you see, you alone know how your lover makes your feel – this action is what justifies the saying ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’.

Love comes in various ways, love is not only a romantic feeling so if I say love is a need, I guess you will agree with me – because love is a feeling that makes you care about someone, it makes you want the best for that person and want to protect the person.

You must have felt the need to care and protect someone before that is not necessarily your lover, so, love is a need in life.

People who are depressed usually fall into that state because they do not think they are loved and cherished by their friends or those around them, they feel like the world is creeping in on them. They lack love.

Love makes life easy and beautiful; it is a need and that is why it is a trend.

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