Why is Chelsea struggling despite huge spending on players?

 Why is Chelsea struggling despite huge spending on players?


With new owner Todd Boehly investing extensively on new players, Chelsea has been one of the top spenders in the transfer market lately.

Nevertheless, despite this investment, the team has had difficulty maintaining consistency and has had numerous issues on the field. Since May 2022, when Boehly and his team took control of the Premier League club, the London outfit has invested well over £900 million.

With the £106 million purchase of Enzo Fernandez in January 2023—seven months before the club spent $115 million for Moises Caicedo from Brighton & Hove Albion fc—Chelsea have surpassed the British transfer record twice in a row.

Chelsea’s managing staff has had a number of changes in recent years. Because of the club’s history of abruptly firing managers, the squad has suffered from a lack of consistency.

Players may find it challenging to adjust to various tactics and playing styles as a result, which may lead to inconsistent performances on the field.

Todd Boehly has appointed four different managers since taking charge in May of last year. Just a few weeks into the previous campaign, he fired Thomas Tuchel and replaced him with Graham Potter, citing a “long-term vision” that ultimately failed.

“I can’t see any reason why this Chelsea team is struggling,” Christian, a Barcelona fan told CrispNG. He continued “maybe it’s because despite the big money they spent, they failed to bring in a big threat up front and we have all seen that it is not just about spending money in football but about how you spend the money and on who.”

Pochettino’s side is currently having trouble maintaining consistency this season despite having a strong team (on paper). They have struggled to put together a run of strong performances because of their inconsistent play.

They lost their second gane of the season 3-1 in a London Derby against West Ham and before that they drew their opening game against Liverpool and their play has been particularly erratic.

Obinna Ngwubike, a sports analyst has some questions for Chelsea “what was the nature of reinforcements? Did your reinforcements match the quality of the departed?”

He also aadvised  the club: “Chelsea needs to start spending money on quality and reliable breed as against spending on numbers. Again, allow the coach to work with time and patience. Manchester city went trophy less in Guardiola’s first season. Arsenal too allowed Mikel Arteta the time to build.”

The squad’s lack of cohesion has been another issue for Chelsea. It might be challenging to assemble a cohesive team with so many new players joining each season.

Changes in management may exacerbate this by upsetting the team’s dynamic and making it difficult to develop a common playing style.

The amount of money invested on transfers has also put a lot of pressure on Chelsea to perform well. The club has made significant investments in new players, and it is expected that these investments will pay off on the field. The players may feel more pressure as a result, which could result in poor performance and low confidence. Chelsea has spent a lot of money on new players, but victories haven’t always followed.

A Chelsea fan, Pojo is of the opinion that Chelsea is not spending this much for instant success but for the future.

“Normally (spending so much) doesn’t guarantee anything. The market is hiked. To get a quality player you have to spend much,” he said.

“Personally, I see Chelsea being a force to reckon with in the next 3-5 years. I do not think they buy these players for instant success and that’s why age bracket is 23y/or down.”

“They want to build a team. This is rebuilding and you have to spend. Man city did it, Liverpool did it, but they have much better coaches.”

The team has had to deal with issues like inconsistency, management changes, a lack of cohesion, and performance-related pressure. Chelsea must resolve these problems if they are to live up to the expectations of their owners and supporters.

The Chelsea team has also had to deal with Injuries to key players like captain Reece James and new arrival Christopher Nkunku who did very well in the pre season games. This injury could also disrupt their rhythm and hinder their ability to produce consistent results on the field.

Football success is influenced by a variety of elements, and a single explanation might not fully capture the intricacies and dynamics at play in a team’s performance.

By Ezeh Chimezie Amos

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