Why helping others succeed is life’s greatest achievement

 Why helping others succeed is life’s greatest achievement

By Chiamaka Ajeamo

I have always had the notion that our greatest success in life can be measured mostly by how we help others to succeed. Well, some people might not buy this opinion of mine but hey, it is a free world and everyone is entitled to their views. However, truth remains objective no matter how we try to twist it to suit our circumstances or conditions.

“Success in life should be equated to service to humanity.” Yes, you are truly successful when your neighbour can see your influence or impact in his or her life. Winning or being the pioneer of something isn’t everything we can attribute as success. Our profound and most fulfilling feats in life I think, should be earned by assisting others in life to reach their dreams.

The world doesn’t exist in vacuum and no man on mother earth lives in isolation. We are all made to cohabit with one another. It still amazes me that there are people who view the world as one giant competition. To them, there are sets of winners and losers and they have to keep winning always to create no avenue for the losers because, if any other person succeeds aside them then, it is a less opportunity for them.

Wow! This is very appalling. If you are one of those who think this world is a competition, you need to change your orientation because it is an incorrect thinking. Another’s feat or success does not mean you have less opportunity. In the long run another’s success can actually be your success too if you were there to motivate, encourage and promote that person all the way. No action, no matter how small is without its effects on those you are trying to help.

We are humans, and every one of us at some points in our lives needs help. It could be an advice, financial aid, direction to reach our dreams, encouragement, and motivation and so on. We are not handicapped to help in such situations because everyone has the ability to make another pull through in storms.

You will always win when you help others win too. Life is not a competition and it is not hard, we are the ones who tend to make it cumbersome for us.


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