Why celebrity marriages are failing

 Why celebrity marriages are failing

By Awau Adegoke

Marriage, they say, is often the beginning of an amazing journey for both man and woman. It is an age-long institution where individuals get to know each other more, love each other, and live a life of love and harmony.

Until recent years, it is widely seen as a lifetime journey — for better for worse, in sickness and in health, and till death do the parties involved apart.

But the revered institution has suffered several setbacks in recent times. The founding ideas of marriage are fast eroding with civilisation and advancement in knowledge.

The outcome of this has been catastrophic. Divorce cases are on the rise, particularly among celebrities.

In 2022 alone, over 12 celebrity marriages crashed. From Gideon Okeke to Funke Akindele and more recently Basketmouth; the year was awash with marital crises here and there.

There have been several conversations around why many celebrity marriages are crumbling.

CRISPNG takes a look at some of the reasons.

Infidelity: This is the biggest cause of broken marriages. It brings untold sorrow to a blissful home. This act comes in the form of cheating, straying, having affairs, or being unfaithful. This is rampant among celebrities because of several reasons which include lack of affection in the marriage, low commitment, lack of contentment or self-control.

Ego: This has also done more harm than good in marriages. In some celebrity marriages, it is common to see parties flexing muscles due to the fame they enjoy. This affects decision-making and other aspects of the union. Having the notion that your upbringing is better than that of your spouse or believing that your opinion or way of doing things is the best and must be obeyed is unhealthy for marriage.

Lack of privacy: The advent of social media has eroded privacy in marriages, particularly that of celebrities. Celebrities take advantage of the social media to display every aspect of their lives — including sexual experience. Shocking, right? That’s the reality in an era where everything is considered as content to make money and get engagement. By doing this, many celebrities put their homes at risk by flaunting what should be concealed on social media.

Domestic violence (emotional/physical abuse): Domestic violence is terrible as it is capable of damaging one emotionally and physically. It is one of the reasons for the rising cases of failed celebrity marriages in contemporary times. Some celebrities exhibit dual characters. They reveal their better side to the public while at home, they are a threat to their partners as they maltreat them physically and emotionally.

Pursuit of happiness: Celebrity marriages are a good evidence of the saying that money is not everything. Several celebrities quit their marriage due to lack of happiness and peace of mind.

Emotional detachment: Most celebrities desperately seek external validation that they often fail to build a strong bond with their partners. This often lead to divorce when a party feels he or she is emotionally distant from the other.

Feigning perfection: Selling a perfect a image to the public is common among celebrities and this often affect their marriage negatively. By default, human beings are prone to mistakes and have certain deficiencies.

But celebrities portray a perfect life by concealing their struggles and weaknesses and feeding the public with only the positive side of their lives. Occasionally, they flaunt glittering photos and laudable videos showcasing their lifestyle on social media, when but in reality, they are faced with various challenges.

By appearing to be perfect, celebrities set standards which are difficult to meet for themselves and this often lead to collapse of their marriage.

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