Why blood covenant is no guarantee for a lasting relationship

 Why blood covenant is no guarantee for a lasting relationship

By Nwele Euphemia

When two individuals in a relationship pierce their thumb to bring out blood and either join their thumbs together or lick the blood from the other partners thumb, making a promise – they have both engaged in a blood promise or covenant.

The highlight of a blood promise is to ensure that your partner never leaves you for another person in the long run, to be assured that what you both have would last forever. However, change is constant, love fades away, people breakup and people make up, this is just life.

Making a blood promise does not certify that your partner stays with you forever, promises can be broken, and promises can be kept; what happens when one person falls out of love? What happens when the attraction and communication no longer exist? Love is not enough to hold a marriage together, it takes more than that strong feeling, so, is blood covenant really the way forward to ensuring marriage takes place? Or is it not?

What is it about making a promise and staying together that lure people into taking the blood oath?

Nation Asogwa, a corps member, stated that while growing up he heard a lot of things about blood covenant, and that the end point of a blood promise is always to stay inseparable till death.

The parties involved in blood covenant, he says, take the oath to stay inseparable till death. “One of the reasons why they go into such act is to probably prove their so-called love for each other and end issues of insecurity, but then it is just ignorance.

“I also heard that during the process of deflowering a woman, blood covenant is formed from the blood of woman and orgasm from men, For me I’m not against the blood covenant but I cannot and would never be a party to it because I don’t find it cool in any way due to stories of how it normally ends.

“I was in a discussion with my uncle recently and the topic of blood covenant came up, I quickly said it is just a childish act and it holds no water so as to draw his attention to prove me wrong and tell me more about it. He told me it’s very true and accurate and that those that defaults the promises do not usually end well.

“He spoke on many cases but the one that caught my attention was someone from my neighbourhood in the village, it was a man and his cousin sister that went on blood covenant to stay together till d end. Of course, they couldn’t marry each other because it’s not done, and the man in question (currently in his 60’s) has gotten married to 3 different women who could not stay in the marriage with no child till today.

“I asked my uncle about how the woman ended but he said he had no idea what happened to her. I believe the repercussions of blood covenant is real.”

Nation further advised, that, people should desist from blood covenant because the future is not predictable and change is bound to happen.

Nation’s response strengthened the point I made earlier – change is constant, so you cannot tell for sure that you would end up getting married to the person you are in a relationship with.

For any kind of relationship to work out, it takes discipline, trust, commitment, love and understanding. There is no point being with someone you cannot trust to spend forever with, and yes all you need is trust, a blood promise is really no guarantee.

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