Whispers to Heaven

 Whispers to Heaven

By Ikenna Amadi

I stared at her corpse deeply with my pulse beating. I could see the flush of emotion on her pale face. Her embalmed skin mirrored my thoughts as I yearned for her even in my innermost mind.

She was always close though far away, and her aura made me go insane with momentous affection for her.

Her scent was always my perfume, her smile inspired me and her laughter made be believe. We had been together as classmates for four years, and she had always been my crush. Her immaculate figure had always been my recipe for beauty. Her every smile made me yearn for more. We had never spoken before all through our stay as classmates as we had a population which made that possible. She had always been there as I wished to be near.

There were no courage as I crushed on her, seeing her life progress. Every relationship she kept pierced my heart as I wished I could be hers. She was my breath, food and influence to my senses. Every step she took was always adored by me as I worshipped her ground. I avoided getting close to her all these years as my legs shook like tremor whenever she got close. Yet, she never noticed me as I had insanely fallen for her and tortured myself with her thoughts for years.

Now, she lay lifeless in the glass coffin with tears poured on her. My heart quaked, as I saw my love confined in the deepest of eternity. I stared deeply at her corpse hoping for a miracle, her face still immaculate and refined. Her embalmed body still glistered like gold as every passing second reminded me of my everlasting loss. She died in an accident on her way back to school for clearance, and in my heartbroken thought, I wished I was the one. Fate had played a bitter trick on me, and I succumbed.

I stared fixedly as her coffin was lowered to unfriendly mother earth, and I took one painful last look at the girl of my dreams, and for the first time in my life, I saw happiness slip away as she was lowered. Every cry reminded me of the beginning, yearning for me to change the hands of time. My heart was in turmoil as all that filled my senses were regrets. I should have told her how much I loved her and now, it was never to be as the sun gave way to night in my heart. I will always love her even in my sadness.

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