What shall we do?

 What shall we do?

By Gabriel Agbo

“… Ah, my lord, what will we do now?’ he cried out to Elisha. ‘Don’t be afraid!’ Elisha told him. ‘For there are more on our side than on theirs!’ ‘O LORD, open his eyes and let him see!” 2 Kings 6: 15-16

That is it! Let the LORD open our eyes today to see beyond the physical. What you see will determine how you react and what you do. What you see can also determine how far you can go and how victorious you will become. The LORD will open your eyes today to begin to see and your ears to begin to hear! We are talking about the impact of the prophetic and how we can effectively apply it to our present situation. We will keep on emphasizing the role of the prophetic in the church. You know that there are some ignorant people that argue that the time of the prophets has past.

But that is not true. It is also not biblical. Even in the New Testament you have the Prophet Agabus and co, prophetess Anna, etc. And I hope you know that Jesus and even the apostles also operated on the prophetic frequency. There are assignments you cannot achieve without a powerful prophetic auction upon your life. There are some levels of spirits you cannot confront without the prophetic. And there are also circumstances in life that without the prophetic, they would remain impregnable and unsolvable. We (as individuals or as a nation) need insights and specific directions to be able to tackle these kinds of challenges.

Let us go to the bible and see how the prophetic word of God served as defence intelligence. Yes, defence intelligence! If you are close to God or his prophets, you can always receive warning each time there is an imminent danger. The spirit of God does this. He sends you the alert. It can come through dreams, visions, audible voice, and discernment, the word of God or warning from other people. But he makes it a duty to tell you of the plan of the enemy (Physical or spiritual) against you or your loved ones. And sometimes, he goes beyond that to give you specific information about other people. I experience a lot of this. Sometimes, he tells you about individuals, communities, nations, etc. He would want you to intercede or communicate the message to them. Other times, he may want you to know, learn or do a few prophetic actions concerning the situation.

God does not leave his people in the dark. He wants us to relate with him to the level that we can be aware of his plans and also know when the enemy is plotting against us (or the church). This is just the essence of the prophetic. This is also why the enemy is so much afraid and hates the prophetic with passion. He finds it very difficult (if not impossible) to operate in that kind of environment. The prophetic is a defence!

Look at the situation in 2 Kings 6:8, the Syrian (Aramian) king would plan with his military officers how to invade Israel and immediately prophet Elisha would pick the signal in the spirit and promptly warn the king of Israel, telling him in details, the exact plan, timing and the place. And the Israelites would immediately mobilize and guard the particular place. This happened severally, frustrating the plans of the Assyrian king. The man became angry and summoned all his officers asking them who were betraying all his plans. And his officers told him, “Elisha, the prophet in Israel, tells the king of Israel even the words you speak in the privacy of your bedroom!” Wow!

God will begin to reveal the plans of your enemies to you! Indeed, nothing is hidden before God. He takes what the King discusses in his bedroom and transmits same to his servant in Samaria! What God has not told you is just what he does not want you to know. All the secrets of this life – past, present and future are in his hands.

He can decide to make you know anything at anytime. So, he was transmitting the devious plans of the King of Assyria to Prophet Elisha in Samaria through a divine frequency. Elisha then gives the actionable ‘intelligence’ report to the king of Israel; who acts to foil the plans. Can you beat this?

When we come close to God, he will make us know the things beyond the physical and also build hedge around us. I can’t remember when last things happened around me suddenly. I am not saying that you will know everything. No. But God will always tell his servants what he is about to do or what the enemy is up to.

He can tell you about the nation, about your leaders, about people. He can decide to tell you about the past, present or the future. It all depends on your relationship with him, his grace upon you or his divine purposes.

His words come for direction and protection. If you are not in tuned to his word, you will grope in darkness, as far as the issues of this life are concerned. Here, his word from the prophet served as defence intelligence, frustrating all the plans of the enemy. And you will agree with me that this is exactly what God does for us today.

This ministry or gift is also available to us as in the days of Elisha. God wants to be communicating with us so as to be frustrating the plans of the enemies against us, against our nation and against our leaders. He wants people that will constantly and prophetically stand in the gap to frustrate the strategies of the enemy and establish his plans.

So many evil schemes can be thwarted when we get prophetic directions from God. We must from now give God’s word the rightful place in our life and the affairs of our nation. The leaders must link up to the men of God and the prophets must constantly stay connected with him.

Just look at the combination of Prophet Elisha and the king of Israel. There was a mutual purpose, understanding and respect between them, and this made it impossible for the enemy to penetrate. Even when the enemy identified and came to arrest Elisha, he was not afraid because he was aware that heavenly angels, horses and chariots of fire surrounded him.

What could any army do to him? When we see into the supernatural and hear from God, we would be less afraid. We need this assurance always to be able to muster faith to push on. We need it to fight and win all our battles. Sure, he knows that these days are evil and wants to give us the best protection. He has variously assured us that he has sent his angels to protect us.

Be assured of this divine protection from now – in Jesus’ name! I must as a duty also quickly warn that not every claimed ‘prophet’ is from God. We have a lot of fake and demonic today. They are everywhere. So be very careful, be studious and be prayerful to be able to discern. The Spirit of God, the word of God and the life of the prophet can help you to know whether the prophecy is of God or not.

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