What next for EPL?… Reactions as Ligue 1, Eredivisie end 2019/2020 season over COVID-19

 What next for EPL?… Reactions as Ligue 1, Eredivisie end 2019/2020 season over COVID-19

By Victor Akuma  

The English Premier League has been cut up in an unfathomable dilemma to strike a decision on whether to stop its 2019/2020 football season amid Covid-19 pandemic which has put the league on hold for the past four weeks or continue.

The league’s FA has on several occasions suggested dates for resumption but the ravaging increase of the killer virus in England and beyond always debunk such decisions.

Recall the EPL has allegedly been quoted to had planned resume of the league early May, running through to June but by its recent statements and seeing other leagues across Europe placing a ban on professional football till further notice, the reality of the EPL decision seems slim.

On April 24, the Dutch FA cancelled its Eredivisie ongoing season owing to coronavirus and days after, the French PM announced that all professional football in France was put on hold at least till September.

Recall also that the Belgium league had earlier announced Club Brugge winners of its League 1 early April because of the virus, haven maintained 15 points clear from runners up. They were also the first league to conclude its season in Europe in the face of the outbreak.

There now exist 3 leagues in Europe that have reportedly concluded it seasons without completing it matches. However, it has been reported that these leagues FA will decide which team suffers religation, those to be promoted from divisions and those to participate in Champions league.

When it comes to the EPL, there seem to be a lot that is not meeting the eyes just yet which the league’s management body stands to lose if the season is abruptly brought to an end. This is said because crowning Liverpool champions in the league should not be much of a problem since they lead with over 20 points, almost twice the point Club Brugge attained before being named champions in Belgium league. Remember also that Liverpool haven’t lifted the EPL title for the past few decades and the clouds are already looking gloomy for them as they are now unsure.

However, a recent update has also been made by the English league that there are possibilities of resuming football activities behind closed doors come June 8.

Some reactions have trailed this discussion by football lovers who have lend their voices, stating their stand and opinions on what they believe will be the fate of the EPL amid the coronavirus.

Madu Daniel, a football lover and student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka said; “It’s a matter of when the EPL will be cancelled and not a matter of if it’ll be cancelled. But I don’t know whether Liverpool will be crowned champions. But in my own personal opinion I think they should be crowned. Belgian League has been cancelled but Club Brugge are crowned champions after being 15 points clear of their closest rival. How much more Liverpool that have defeated 2nd placed Man City with 25 points! C’mon, that’ll be robbery if they are not crowned champions when the league gets cancelled.

But then, this is an unprecedented phenomenon so whatever decision each league takes now after canceling their league won’t be wrong as there is no precedence to follow,” Daniel said.

A Manchester United fan Ewenike Kaosisochukwu said, “It does not matter if Liverpool have not won the league for a lifetime. If the health conditions of players cannot be guaranteed, it should be canceled.

“Do you know what it entails to crown them champions? It means, teams would be relegated, teams would be promoted. As it stands in the EPL, no team is confirmed relegated so how do you do that?,” he quipped.

Joseph Ugochukwu, however, suggested the English Premier League adopts the point system to rule who wins the league and who is relegated. “the EPL can use points per game to decide the season I think that will be better.”

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