What is happening in Ebonyi State?

 What is happening in Ebonyi State?

By Dona Eze, PhD

Since Ebonyi State Governor, Dave Umahi, resigned from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and joined the All Progressives Congress (APC), all has not been well, and Ebonyi State has not known peace, which is unfortunate.

If Governor Umahi was not flexing muscles with his former political allies, now turned enemies, one group or the other would be fighting the other, and nobody would be doing anything to checkmate them.

After being a member of PDP where he rose to become the State Party Chairman, State Deputy Governor, and State Governor for the past five years, Dave Umahi suddenly realized that the PDP was an evil party, and decided to leave the party.

The issue was not that Umahi left PDP and joined another political party, which he is entitled to, as a frée citizen of the country, but that the man would want every Ebonyi man or woman to join him in his political voyage, whether they liked it or not, otherwise, they would be visited with his wrath.

That was the problem between him and the former Senate President and Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Anyim Pius Anyim, first Executive Governor of Ebonyi State, Sam Egwu, and some other political figures in the state.

While Dave Umahi believed that he had the right to join any political party of his choice, he refused to concede the same right to other people in his state. That was why some Ebonyi political gladiators were dancing naked in the streets, and why the state was virtually in flames.

Unfortunately, when the Ebonyi political heavyweights were busy hurling stones across each other, they would not see what was happening under their feet. They would not remember that when a river is spoiled at the top, every other section of the river will equally be spoiled.

Look at what happened in the state the other day, at Effium, in Ohaukwu local government area, to be precise, where about 30 people were reportedly killed, and several properties destroyed, while the State Deputy Governor, Dr. Kelechi Igwe, cheated death by whiskers.

A leadership tussle, involving old and new executive members of National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Effium Branch, was brewing, but nobody saw it, because the political gladiators were busy chasing shadows, plotting how to build political empires, or eldorados.

It was only when the did was already done, when many lives were lost, and valuable properties destroyed, that those who were empowered by the Constitution to protect lives and properties, began to beat about the bush, to take some panic measures.

Ebonyi State Governor, Dave Umahi, woke up from slumber and began to impose a dusk to dawn curfew on the community, while the Deputy Governor, Kelechi Igwe, decided to visit the area to see what had already happened.

On his way back, the Deputy Governor was blocked by hoodlums, and his convoy, alongside that of the State Commissioner of Police, forced to park. It was only when some security men came in that the road was cleared, and they began to make arrests.

Apart from the 30 persons that were reportedly killed during the mayhem, police in the state also confirmed the burning down of eight houses, including one petrol station.

Orlu, in Imo State, has just been visited with a more horrendous Armageddon. Nawa-o. What is happening to these APC states in Igboland?

All these things would have been avoided if somebody, somewhere, did the work that the constitution assigned to him as Chief Security Officer of the state, rather than pursuing personal political ambitions.

Dave Umahi should be told that it is God that gives power, and He gives it to whoever it pleases Him. Therefore, no amount of gra gra, intimidation, or whatever, can change what God has already decreed.

Dr. Dons Eze, KSJI

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