Things You Miss For Not Having Sex

 Things You Miss For Not Having Sex

Photo Credit: Daily Star

By Mbah Merit and Cynthia Madueke

A lot of people might have told you that you miss a lot for not having “sex” especially if you are in a relationship. Well, the answer is a resounding “YES”, because you really miss a lot and would continue to miss a lot for not having sex.

Below are some of the things you have been denying yourself all these while for not having sex!

* You miss being an unwanted Husband/Wife: This is as good as rejection. Unwanted Spouse usually occurs as a result of accidental marriage which most time is a consequence of unwanted pregnancies. Most marriages have collapsed as a result because one person never planned or desired to tie the knot with the other.

* You miss having a destroyed career prospect.

* You miss barrenness due to abortions. Today, many young ladies have had to go through abortions because they had sex and became pregnant for a man who was never ready to get married to them.

* You also Miss having sexually transmitted diseases. You Miss contacting STDs because in the process of having sex, people tend to contact sexually transmitted diseases or infections from sleeping with an infected-persons.

* You miss unwanted pregnancies or having children out of wedlock.

We can go on and on. The count is simply endless and it shows how much you have really missed for not having sex.

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