The wonderful health benefits of African Star Apple (Agbalumo)

 The wonderful health benefits of African Star Apple (Agbalumo)

Photo Credit:  tozali

By Chiamaka Ajeamo

It is that season again, it is that time of the year when a certain famous orange glossy fruit floods the market. Guess the fruit? Yes, you are right! It’s Agbalumo season! Somebody say yeah, yeah! Trust me; I am even happier because this fruit is one of my favourites. I could eat it all day and still yearn for more.

Known as Agbalumo to the yorubas, Udara to the Igbos and Ciwoh to the Hausas, this fruit is called the African Star Apple in English and it has a lot of benefits to the health. I am sure you will consume more of it after knowing it amazing benefits.

Both the internal and external parts of Agbalumo are edible. The only non-edible thing is the seed but most times some people even get to swallow the seed. It has this sweet- sour taste with milky juice gushing out when squeezed or sucked before eating its flesh and the skin is chewable. Sometimes I make chewing gum out of the skin. Yea! That is how much I love to eat this fruit.

Not only is Udara tasty, it is also loaded with many health benefits.

Here are health benefits of agbalumo you should know about:

It is a rich source of Vitamin C and A

Medical experts say that agbalumo has more Vitamin C than many other fruits. Wow! I never knew this, I’m guessing you never did too but now, we know. These Vitamins help prevent gum diseases such as scurvy and also aid in fighting other diseases in the body.  They also help boost your immune system and improve many other body functions. So while you enjoy it, you can be sure that your body is as happy as your mouth.

This fruit is also great for weight management. This is because this small but amazing fruit contains fiber which helps in reducing your appetite and thereby prevents you from consuming too much food. It is also low in calories and fat content.

It also helps in the prevention of heart related diseases. When you consume this fruit, it helps in lowering your blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Agbalumo serves as a good source of calcium. Calcium gives and maintains strong bones and teeth. According to experts, the calcium content in one agbalumo is about 10 percent the amount you need in a day.

Its parts (leaves, roots and barks) have also been said to be utilized in preparing traditional herbs to treat cough, yellow fever and high blood pressure in ancient times.

The seeds are useful in treating diarrhea

It also has antioxidant properties that help to fight deadly diseases such as cancer, intestinal issues and hypertension.

So what are you waiting for, stock up on that agbalumo! This is the season of this fruit. Endeavour to consume an adequate amount of it to get its maximum benefits before it goes out of season.

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