The rich also cry

 The rich also cry

By Akpalako Stella Idowu

In the world of vanity
But unknown to the unwise
That lost after
I have met a man with Riches and wealth
Money and Fame, big houses like the heavens
Golds and diamonds
Adorned in the most titillating apparels first class tickets and fast cars
Had the world in his grasp
Surely wealth lies within his camp
The prayer of the poor
But the price of Riches are gigantic
Everyone admires but no one observes A shortcoming,a terminal illness, a hidden nightmare, a constant restlessness
In the world of social media
Falsified lifestyle behind a woe
All that glitters is not Gold.

The world sees a rich and glowing personality
But behind this admiration and brown nosing
Are extremely sad and depressed individuals
Sometimes I’m proud to be poor.

History has it in it tales of men and whose death is as a result of too much wealth
I choose simplicity with a free mind
I don’t know about you
In all its vanity.

Akpalako Stella Idowu is a graduate of Theatre and Media Arts from Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria. 
She’s a creative writer, a researcher, peace ambassador and a Global Citizen. She’s the CEO of Stelxy Beauty Home located in Akure, Ondo State.

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