The Misunderstanding of Leadership Vision — Part 2

 The Misunderstanding of Leadership Vision — Part 2

By Jerome-Mario Utomi

The concept of goal setting, target attainment and taking action, says Grant Cardone,  are not taught in schools, management classes, leadership training or a weekend conference at the four seasons-No formula exists that one could find in any book. But by using the exact level of effort necessary, you will guarantee the achievement of such objectives.

The above thought came flooding recently following torrent of reaction that trailed my topical intervention entitled; the Misunderstanding of Leadership Vision, where I used as story peg, another articulated commentary by Tobechi Innocent Okwuonu; a well foresighted and quietly influential young Nigerian based in Canada and also has his eye on Nigerian presidency in 2023.

Reacting to the piece, Majority of commentators rued that with the recent political development in the country, Nigeria youths have gained their pride of place and ready to make political statement come 2023.But contrary to this popular believe, Okwuonu; via series of emails knitted together in the last one week, brought a sidelight that again leaves a huge question mark on the political future of young Nigerians. As he argues that the youths cannot get to the next phase of the nation’s political project or achieve their leadership vision without a grander mind-set.

To quote him; never mind the huge excitement of the excited youth, power lies in the hands of the eminent fathers of Nigeria, though the youth has the noise. I understand power, not noise, in politics. That’s why it appears I am not as agitated as the average Nigerian youth in my quest.  Politics is power; it is not noise or mere youthful exuberation. This is the reality everywhere, including Canada and the entire West.

Politics is not straightforward anywhere like Nigerian youth fantasize it to be. Everything is not based on “competence.” Favour must back competence for competence to be relevant in politics. Sometimes this plays out behind the scenes, away from the impressionable eyes and ears of the gullible youth.

I understood that mere competence, and/or youthful exuberance does not win one presidency anywhere in the world. When I get the sponsorship and support from an establishment, we will approach the impressionable youth for their noise and excitement to complement it.

Aside from deformed leadership vision, thoughts and actions of Nigerian youths which are the reasons why they (youths) are where they are right now and other imperfections that will continue to constitute impediment, and tendency to regularly fall short of political obligation to their nation,Okwuonu’s  political ideology/plan is laced with lessons for Nigeria and Nigerians.

For example, in Nigeria politics of today, he noted, the kingmakers are the Fulani. This is why I am wooing their prominent figures for support as well. The only exception from the south is perhaps OBJ. I mean in terms of influence that can secure overall wins at the polls, not just money. Without the support of the north, especially the Fulani and Hausa, no one will emerge president in today’s Nigerian. I have made my plans while running, and while in office, flexible to accommodate this “unfortunate” reality of dominance in Nigeria, until I achieve my restructuring that promises to level the playing field, and make all tribes/regions equal kingmakers.

I will explore and look to the eminent fathers of the nation for sponsorship and will also explore sponsorship from the custodians of power inside and outside Nigeria.  I need helping hands to implement my visions and plans. I do not need advisers.

 So, unless a suggested strategy is accommodated by the flexibility I have built in my plans, I will reject it. I do not intend for anyone, regardless of how impressive they are, to turn me into a tool to achieve their own vision. If they are so impressive, they can stand for elections.  I have come a long way; I really do not find anyone impressive just by their stature in the world. I only need their hands to do what I have set out to do. I do not need their minds.

Besides, if I do not implement things my way, then where is the uniqueness?

Anyone who would try to become my advisor may go ahead and stand for office themselves, and have a chance to implement their impressive visions. My point is, under no circumstance will I allow anyone hijack my vision, or become the political god father of my vision. I am the head 100%. What I need from impressive people is the hand. I am not mesmerized by their personality at all. I have such uncanny confidence in myself.

I am a decisive person, and I am decisive about what I intend to achieve with my politics. I am also a genius. Mark it somewhere. I did not just emerge by accident. I am global. I can start my politics in any country and have Nigeria play catch up. I do not feel agitated by the capability or promise of anyone. Nigeria will have a decisive president who is 100% in charge, not someone under the control of some “cabal.” Not even the masses will be the cabal that will influence me beyond what I have accommodated in my plans. Everything I intend to do in my politics at the national and global level is set.

I will never directly or indirectly denigrate the north, Muslims, APC, the presidency, or anyone in power, even the armed forces. I won’t even throw innuendoes to those they feel are deserving of condemnation. If I will throw innuendoes at all, they would be from my own judgment 100%, and to what and whom I consider fitting of such subtle rebuke. I am wooing everyone, if they are enemies to themselves, or in enmity with one another, it is not my problem. I won’t let anyone make their foes mine. If you believe in God, I model my judgment like God’s: everyone stands judgment before Him. No one is good except Him. So, I will not make enemies with anyone judged evil, bad, incompetent, etc by anyone, irrespective of how “well respected” they might be to their constituents.

 The media has a significant role to play, both in my candidature and to promote my prospective party. The prospective sponsor, with an established and transparent wherewithal, will cater to all that as well.  When we have the sponsor, we will emerge through a media blitz. My politics is applicable to any nation. I do not have my sights on Nigeria alone. I intend to restructure the politics of all nations in the manner of Nigeria. You are looking at the advent of a new world order but from an unexpected source. My term for it is Movement To Actualize Nations (MAN).

At this point, the question may be asked; what does this mean for Nigeria and Nigerians?

This piece holds the opinion that the answer is with the right leadership.

Utomi is the Programme Cordinator (Media and Public Policy), Social and Economic Justice Advocacy (SEJA), Lagos. He could be reached via;  j[email protected]/08032725374

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