Sharon Ooja: 10 things to note when marrying a divorcee

 Sharon Ooja: 10 things to note when marrying a divorcee

Sharon Ooja and Ugo Nwoke

Beautiful Nigerian actress and “Oloture” star, Sharon Ooja, tied the knot traditionally with her heartthrob, Ugochukwu Emmanuel Nwoke, a divorcee, on the 27th of June.

While social media users poured in congratulations and gushed at the glamorous event, others did not waste time digging up information about her multi-millionaire husband, whom they found out is divorced.

Documents showing that he divorced his former wife, Chinenye Florence Nwoke, surfaced online, along with a video of their wedding ceremony, which has kept tongues wagging.

While Marriage is a significant commitment, and marrying a divorcee comes with unique considerations. Here are ten essential things to note when embarking on this journey:

1. Understand their past

Knowing about your partner’s previous marriage is crucial. Understanding the reasons for their divorce can provide insights into their expectations and boundaries. Open and honest communication about their past helps build trust and a solid foundation for your relationship.

2. Respect their experiences

Your partner’s previous experiences have shaped who they are today. Respect their journey and avoid making them feel judged or compared to their former spouse. Every relationship is different, and it’s essential to focus on building a new, unique bond with them.

3. Be patient with emotional baggage

Divorce can leave emotional scars. Be patient and compassionate as your partner processes any lingering emotions. Encouraging them to seek therapy or counseling can be beneficial for both of you, helping to address unresolved issues from their past.


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4. Discuss financial matters

Finances can be complicated for divorcees, especially if they have ongoing obligations such as alimony or child support. Have open conversations about your financial expectations, debts, and future plans to ensure transparency and mutual understanding.

5. Consider their children

If your partner has children from their previous marriage, understand that they will always be a priority. Build a positive relationship with their children and respect the dynamics of their co-parenting arrangements. Your acceptance and support can greatly influence the harmony of your blended family.

6. Navigate relationships with ex-partners

Your partner’s ex-spouse will likely remain a part of their life, especially if they share children. Establish clear boundaries and communicate openly about your feelings and expectations regarding interactions with their ex. Mutual respect is key to managing these relationships effectively.

7. Acknowledge legal implications

Familiarize yourself with any legal implications that may affect your marriage. This includes understanding any prenuptial agreements, property divisions, and other legal obligations stemming from their previous marriage. Consulting a lawyer can help you navigate these complexities.

8. Build trust gradually

Trust is fundamental in any relationship, and it may take time to build it fully, especially if your partner has been hurt before. Consistency, honesty, and reliability are vital in establishing and maintaining trust in your relationship.

9. Respect their independence

A divorcee may have developed a strong sense of independence. Respect their need for personal space and autonomy. Encourage them to maintain their hobbies, friendships, and interests outside of your relationship, which can contribute to a healthier partnership.

10. Be prepared for social reactions

Society often has opinions about remarriage. Be prepared for various reactions from friends, family, and acquaintances. Focus on your happiness and the strength of your relationship rather than external judgments. Building a supportive network around you can help navigate any negativity.

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